Architecture firm Gómez Platero has designed a new memorial to honor those affected by COVID-19. Sited in Uruguay, the monument is made to be an expression of hope in an uncertain time. As the first large-scale monument to the worldwide victims of the COVID-19 pandemic, the project is called the “World Memorial to the Pandemic.” It aims to be a space for mourning and reflection that’s environmentally conscious and emotionally impactful.

建築公司GómezPlatero設計了一個新的紀念館,以紀念受COVID-19影響的人們。 紀念碑位於烏拉圭,是在不確定的時期表達希望的象徵。 作為對COVID-19大流行全球受害者的第一個大型紀念物,該項目被稱為“世界大流行紀念館”。 它旨在成為一個哀悼和反思的空間,具有環保意識和情感影響力。

The memorial will be located on the edge of an urban waterfront, accessible only by a long pedestrian walkway. At the center of the platform, an open void to the ocean beneath allows people to observe nature. It is designed to allow a high percentage of the structure to be pre-assembled for on-site assembly, minimizing the impact on the natural environment. The large, circular structure will serve as a “sensory experience that bridges the gap between the urban and natural worlds, creating an ideal environment for introspection.”

紀念館將位於城市濱水區的邊緣,只有長的人行道才能進入。 在平台的中心,下方的海洋開放空曠的空間使人們可以觀察自然。 它的設計允許在現場組裝時預先組裝高比例的結構,從而最大程度地減少對自然環境的影響。 大型的圓形結構將起到“彌合城市與自然世界之間的距離,創造自省理想環境的感官體驗”的作用。

Director and Lead Architect Martín Gómez Platero noted that, “Architecture is a powerful tool to transform the world. It is, above all, a collective and historical reality, made of small fragments which survive over time and become culture. It is a way to show who we are on this planet. Monuments, too, mark our shared cultural and emotional milestones. By creating a memorial capable of activating senses and memories in this way, we can remind our visitors — as the pandemic has — that we as human beings are subordinate to nature and not the other way around.”

董事兼首席建築師MartínGómezPlatero指出:“建築是改變世界的強大工具。 最重要的是,它是由小碎片組成的集體和歷史現實,這些碎片隨著時間的流逝而生存並成為文化。 這是顯示我們在這個星球上的身份的一種方式。 紀念碑也標誌著我們共同的文化和情感里程碑。 通過創建能夠以這種方式激活感官和記憶的紀念館,我們可以提醒遊客(就像大流行一樣),我們人類是從屬於大自然,而不是從屬於大自然。

The memorial is made to welcome up to 300 visitors at a time (while obeying current social distancing guidelines), allowing for moments of shared grief and solidarity in addition to solitude. “With each project we carry out,” Gómez Platero continues, “we must create a piece of a better city. Public space is the common space par excellence: it represents us as a collective, and it reflects what we are capable of sharing as a society.”

As the firm noted, discussions with the Uruguayan government are currently in motion to choose a specific site. They estimate that, once started, the memorial will take six months to complete.

News via Gómez Platero

紀念館旨在一次接待多達300名遊客(同時遵守當前的社會疏遠準則),除了獨處之外,還可以讓大家共享悲傷和團結的時光。 “我們執行的每個項目,”GómezPlatero繼續說道,“我們必須創造一個更好的城市。 公共空間是卓越的公共空間:它代表著我們作為一個集體,它反映了我們作為一個社會能夠分享的東西。”

正如該公司指出的那樣,目前正在與烏拉圭政府進行討論,以選擇一個特定的地點。 他們估計,紀念館一旦開始,將需要六個月才能完成。




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