Location:Euston Road, London, England
Owner:Manhattan Loft Corporation
Management:Marriott International
Height:76 m (249 ft)
Architect:George Gilbert Scott
Developer:Manhattan Loft Corporation
Number of rooms:207
Number of suites:38
Number of restaurants:2

高度:76 m(249 ft)

The St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel forms the frontispiece of St Pancras railway station, one of the main termini in London and the final stop for international trains departing to Continental Europe. It opened in 2011, and occupies much of the former Midland Grand Hotel designed by George Gilbert Scott which opened in 1873 and closed in 1935. The hotel is managed by Marriot International.

The building as a whole including the apartments is known as St Pancras Chambers and between 1935 and the 1980s was used as railway offices. The upper levels of the original building were redeveloped between 2005 and 2011 as apartments by the Manhattan Loft Corporation. Its clock tower stands at 76 m (249 ft) tall, with more than half its height usable

The hotel is located in the vicinity of Euston, King’s Cross and St Pancras railway stations.

倫敦聖潘克拉斯萬麗酒店是聖潘克拉斯火車站的代表作,是倫敦主要的終點站之一,也是前往歐洲大陸的國際火車的最後一站。 該酒店於2011年開業,佔據了喬治·吉爾伯特·斯科特(George Gilbert Scott)設計的前米德蘭大酒店的全部內容,該酒店於1873年開業,並於1935年關閉。該酒店由萬豪國際集團管理。

包括公寓在內的整個建築被稱為聖潘克拉斯錢伯斯(St Pancras Chambers),在1935年至1980年代之間被用作鐵路辦公室。 曼哈頓閣樓公司(Manhattan Loft Corporation)在2005年至2011年間將原始建築的高層重新開發為公寓。 它的鐘樓高76 m(249 ft),可用高度的一半以上


In 1865 the Midland Railway Company held a competition for the design of a 150-bed hotel to be constructed next to its railway station, St Pancras, which was still under construction at the time. Eleven designs were submitted, including one by George Gilbert Scott, which, at 300 rooms, was much bigger and more expensive than the original specifications. Despite this, the company liked his plans and construction began. Scott’s design was for a hotel with five floors below roof level but in the event it was built with four (which remains the case today) to save on construction costs – although the Midland Railway frequently reproduced Scott’s original impression, showing the hotel with its non-existent top floor, in its publicity material. The east wing opened on 5 May 1873, with the Midland Railway appointing Herr Etzensberger (formerly of the Victoria Hotel, Venice) as general manager. The hotel was completed in spring 1876.

The hotel was expensive, with costly fixtures including a grand staircase, rooms with gold leaf walls and a fireplace in every room. It had many innovative features such as hydraulic lifts, concrete floors, revolving doors and fireproof floor constructions, though none of the rooms had bathrooms, as was the convention of the time.

The hotel was taken over by the London, Midland and Scottish Railway in 1922 before closing in 1935, by which time its utilities were outdated and too costly to maintain, such as the armies of servants needed to carry chamber pots, tubs, bowls and spittoons.

1865年,米德蘭鐵路公司(Midland Railway Company)競標了150張床位的酒店的設計,此酒店將在其火車站St Pancras旁邊建造,當時仍在建設中。提交了11項設計,其中包括喬治·吉爾伯特·斯科特(George Gilbert Scott)提出的一項設計,該設計擁有300個房間,比原始規格要大得多且昂貴。儘管如此,該公司還是喜歡他的計劃並開始建造。斯科特(Scott)的設計是為一間五層樓以下的酒店而設計的,但是為了節省建築成本,它還是以四層建造(今天仍然如此)–儘管米德蘭鐵路公司(Midland Railway)經常重現斯科特(Scott)的原始印象,顯示了酒店的非-在頂層的宣傳材料中。東翼於1873年5月5日開通,米德蘭鐵路公司任命埃岑斯伯格先生(原威尼斯維多利亞酒店)為總經理。該酒店於1876年春建成。



Planning permission was granted in 2004 for the building to be redeveloped into a new hotel. The main public rooms of the old Midland Grand were restored, along with some of the bedrooms. The former driveway for taxis entering St. Pancras station, passing under the main tower of the building, was converted into the hotel’s lobby. In order to cater for the more modern expectations of guests, a new bedroom wing was constructed on the western side of the Barlow train shed.As redeveloped the hotel contains 244 bedrooms, two restaurants, two bars, a health and leisure centre, a ballroom, and 20 meeting and function rooms. The architects for the redevelopment were Aedas RHWL.

At the same time, the upper floors of the original building were redeveloped as 68 apartments by the Manhattan Loft Corporation.

The St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel opened on 14 March 2011 to guests; however, the formal Grand Opening was on 5 May – exactly 138 years after its original opening in 1873.

2004年,該建築被重新規劃為新酒店,獲得了規劃許可。 舊的米德蘭大酒店的主要公共房間以及一些臥室都得到了修復。 進入聖潘克拉斯車站的出租車的前車道,經過建築物的主塔下方,被改建為酒店的大堂。 為了滿足客人對現代感的期望,在Barlow火車棚的西側建造了一個新的臥室翼樓。經過重新開發,酒店擁有244間臥室,兩間餐廳,兩間酒吧,一個健康和休閒中心,一個舞廳 ,以及20間會議室和多功能廳。 重建的建築師是Aedas RHWL。


聖潘克拉斯萬麗酒店於2011年3月14日開業。 但是,正式的開幕典禮是5月5日,距1873年最初開幕僅138年。

The exterior of the hotel was used in the 1995 film Richard III starring Ian McKellen, becoming the exterior King Edward’s Palace.

The 1988 Douglas Adams novel The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul uses the derelict Midland Grand as the real world alternate to the Norse Gods’ Valhalla. He described it as a “huge, dark Gothic fantasy of a building which stands, empty and desolate… its roof line a vast assortment of wild turrets, gnarled spires and pinnacles which seemed to prod at and goad the night sky”.

The video for the 1996 song Wannabe by the Spice Girls was filmed at the Midland Grand Hotel. The music video was filmed in the entrance and main staircase of the building.

In Christopher Nolan’s 2005 film Batman Begins, the Arkham Asylum stairwell was filmed in the hotel.

The staircase was also the setting for Mistlethwaite Manor in the 1993 film production of The Secret Garden.

In 2003, the television series Most Haunted Live broadcast a live event from the building, the theme being “Peril in St. Pancras”.

The hotel is also seen in the background in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (film), where St. Pancras is used as King’s Cross. The hotel is often confused by tourists that think this more ornate hotel is Kings Cross Station.

酒店的外觀曾在1995年由Ian McKellen主演的電影Richard III中使用,成為愛德華國王宮殿的外觀。

1988年,道格拉斯·亞當斯(Douglas Adams)的小說《靈魂的漫漫長黑茶時間》使用了廢棄的米德蘭大峽谷作為現實世界,替代了北歐諸神的瓦爾哈拉。他將其描述為“一座巨大的,黑暗的哥特式幻想建築,聳立,空曠而荒涼……其屋頂線條是各種各樣的野生砲塔,粗糙的尖頂和尖峰,似乎刺向夜空並刺入了夜空”。

Spice Girls 1996年的歌曲Wannabe的視頻在Midland Grand Hotel拍攝。音樂錄影帶在大樓的入口和主要樓梯上拍攝。

在克里斯托弗·諾蘭(Christopher Nolan)2005年的電影《蝙蝠俠開始》中,阿卡漢避難所的樓梯間在酒店拍攝。

樓梯也是Mistlethwaite Manor在1993年電影《秘密花園》中的拍攝地。

2003年,電視連續劇《最鬧鬼的現場》(Most Haunted Live)在大樓內直播了一場現場活動,主題是“聖潘克拉斯的危險”。



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