Location:Zabeel Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Construction started:2013
Completed:1 January 2018
Opened:1 January 2018
Cost:AED 230 million
Architectural:150 m (492 ft)
Roof:150 m (492 ft)
Architect:Fernando Donis, DONIS
Developer:Dubai Municipality

地點:阿拉伯聯合酋長國迪拜的Zabeel Park
建築的:150 m(492 ft)
屋頂:150 m(492 ft)

The Dubai Frame (Arabic: برواز دبي‎) is an architectural landmark in Zabeel Park, Dubai. It has been described by The Guardian newspaper as “the biggest picture frame on the planet,” however is also controversial as the “biggest stolen building of all time.”

The project was conceived by Fernando Donis, and selected as the winner of a design competition by the Government of Dubai. It is alleged that the designer had his intellectual property stolen and was denied credit for the design. It holds the record for the largest frame in the world.

迪拜框架(阿拉伯語:بروازدبي)是迪拜Zabeel公園的建築地標。 《衛報》曾將其描述為“地球上最大的相框”,但也被譽為“有史以來最大的被盜建築物”。

該項目由Fernando Donis構思,並被迪拜政府選為設計競賽的獲勝者。 據稱,設計師的知識產權被盜,被拒絕承認該設計。 它保持著世界上最大框架的記錄。

The design was selected as the winner of the 2009 ThyssenKrupp Elevator International Award from 926 proposals.Participants from all over the world were invited to submit an emblem that would promote “the new face for Dubai”. It is near the Star Gate of Zabeel Park and stands at 150.24 m (493 ft) and 95.53 m wide.

The ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award is an international architecture competition first held in 1988 and sponsored by one of the world’s leading elevator companies. An international panel of judges selected the winning idea from among 926 design proposals to create a Tall Emblem Structure for Dubai. The original jury consisted of 11 international architects — a former and current chairman of the International Union of Architects (UIA) and the regional chairman of ThyssenKrupp Elevator. Dubai Municipality’s director general and H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum were listed as ‘honorary’ jurors.

Donis’ design was ultimately selected, for which he won an AED 367329.70 ($100,000) prize. According to Donis, when designing the structure he saw Dubai as a city full of emblems and rather than adding another one, they proposed to frame them all: to frame the city. Instead of building a massive structure, the purpose of the proposal was to build a void of 150 meters by 105 meters to continuously frame the development of the past, current and future Dubai. To become the structure that celebrates yet constrains the city.

該設計從926項提案中被選為2009年蒂森克虜伯電梯國際獎的獲獎者。來自世界各地的參與者均被邀請提交標誌,以宣傳“迪拜的新面孔”,該標誌位於Zabeel公園的星門附近。高度為150.24 m(493英尺),寬為95.53 m。

蒂森克虜伯電梯建築獎是於1988年首次舉辦的國際建築競賽,由世界領先的電梯公司之一贊助。一個國際評審團從926個設計方案中選出了獲獎方案,從而為迪拜創建了一個高樓徽結構。最初的陪審團由11名國際建築師組成,分別是國際建築師聯盟(UIA)的前任和現任主席以及蒂森克虜伯電梯公司的區域主席。迪拜市政總幹事和H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum均被評為“榮譽”陪審員。

Donis的設計最終被選中,為此他贏得了367329.70迪拉姆(約合100,000美元)的獎金。根據多尼斯(Donis)的說法,在設計建築物時,他認為迪拜是一個充滿標誌的城市,而不是添加另一個標誌,而是提議將它們全部框架化:框架城市。該提案不是建立大型結構,而是建立一個150米x 105米的空隙,以不斷構架過去,現在和未來迪拜的發展。要成為既慶祝又約束城市的建築。

The Dubai Frame is created out of glass, steel, aluminum, and reinforced concrete. It is positioned in such a way that representative landmarks of modern Dubai can be seen on one side, while from the other side, visitors can also view older parts of the city.

The Frame opened in January 2018.

迪拜框架由玻璃,鋼,鋁和鋼筋混凝土製成。 它的位置使得可以從一側看到現代迪拜的代表性地標,而從另一側,遊客還可以看到城市的舊城區。




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