Italian architect Piero Lissoni’s studio has designed a conceptual skyscraper in New York as a self-contained community and vertical urban farm that would provide an example of living in the post-Covid era.

Lissoni Casal Ribeiro, the architecture arm of Lissoni’s studio, imagine Skylines to be a self-sufficient skyscraper by providing its own energy and resources as well as facilities for occupants to live, like school, sports facilities and a hospital.

意大利建築師Piero Lissoni的工作室在紐約設計了一座概念性摩天大樓,作為一個獨立的社區和垂直的城市農場,將為後Covid時代的生活提供範例。

Lissoni工作室的建築部門Lissoni Casal Ribeiro通過提供自己的能源和資源以及供居民居住的設施(如學校,體育設施和醫院),將Skylines想像成一個自給自足的摩天大樓。

The studio said the idea of self sufficiency within a building has become even more important in light of the global coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

“Covid-19 has made us reflect on how weak we are in the face of a pandemic and has served as a warning after the whole planet essentially closed down for three months, teaching us that the infrastructures of the future must also be imagined to take account of life in the possible event of another lockdown,” said Lissoni Casal Ribeiro.

“The year 2020 and the arrival of a global pandemic have indeed highlighted our weaknesses and shortcomings at a structural level, causing us to devise new ways of thinking the city and the infrastructures.”


“ Covid-19讓我們反思了面對大流行時我們的軟弱,並在整個地球基本上關閉了三個月後發出了警告,告訴我們必須想像未來的基礎設施也將採用 再次發生鎖定事件時可能會引起生命危險。” Lissoni Casal Ribeiro說。

“ 2020年以及全球大流行的到來確實在結構上凸顯了我們的弱點和不足,使我們想出了新的思維方式來思考城市和基礎設施。”

Designed for an imaginary urban plot in New York City measuring 80 by 130 metres, the scheme uses geothermal energy and photovoltaic panels for power and would use a rainwater recovery system and water use management for water.

A curtain of steel cables would form the tapered structure and would hold up hanging garden platforms that run around a glazed tower in the centre.

According to the studio, the idea is that over time these platforms would be covered with trees and shrubs to create a “vertical urban forest”.

該計劃是為紐約市一個假想的城市用地而設計的,其大小為80 x 130米,使用地熱能和光伏板供電,並使用雨水回收系統和用水管理。



“The equilibrium between the external and internal spaces gives life to a sort of self-sufficient garden-city,” it said.

“A system that produces, optimises and recycles energy, a perfect microclimate that filters the air, absorbs carbon dioxide, produces humidity, reuses rainwater to irrigate the greenery, in addition to providing protection from the sun’s rays and the noise of the city.”



Within the glass tower, the living spaces would be arranged vertically, with public and cultural activities on the lower levels and the soilless vegetable gardens and sports facilities above this.

Next would be the hospital “which is also immersed in greenery and well-equipped to face any health emergency”.

Above this, there would be schools and a university and spaces for offices and co-working, which the studio argued would be an important part of the programme post-Covid.

Residences, meanwhile, are placed on the top floors to take advantage of the views.





Lissoni Casal Ribeiro designed Skylines for the international architecture competition Skyhive 2020 Skyscraper Challenge, and received an honorable mention.

Lissoni founded his interdisciplinary practice Lissoni Associati in 1986. In recent years, he has become better known for his product design and interiors, working with a host of leading brands like Cappellini, Flos, Kartell and B&B Italia.

His other architecture projects include a proposal for a submerged circular aquarium, which won a speculative competition for a site on New York’s East River, and a curved residential building that will be built in Vancouver’s new Oakridge community.

Lissoni Casal Ribeiro為國際建築競賽Skyhive 2020摩天大樓挑戰賽設計了Skylines,並獲得了榮譽獎。

Lissoni於1986年創立了他的跨學科實踐Lissoni Associati。近年來,他以其產品設計和內飾而聞名,並與Cappellini,Flos,Kartell和B&B Italia等眾多領先品牌合作。


Design team: Piero Lissoni and Joao Silva with Fulvio Capsoni
設計團隊:Piero Lissoni和Joao Silva與Fulvio Capsoni



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