A timber-clad column and overhanging roof that resembles a tree canopy characterise Foster + Partners’ latest Apple Store, which it has completed in Bangkok, Thailand.

Named Apple Central World, the store is designed by Foster + Partners with “a quiet sculptural presence” to juxtapose with the lively plaza of Central World – the capital city’s largest shopping centre.

It is wrapped in floor-to-ceiling curved glass facades that provide passersby uninterrupted views inside and frame the tree-like interiors, referred to by Apple as the Tree Canopy.

Foster + Partners的最新Apple Store已在泰國曼谷落成,採用木料包裹的圓柱和懸垂的屋頂,類似於樹冠。

該商店名為Apple Central World,由Foster + Partners設計,具有“安靜的雕塑感”,可以與首都世界最大的購物中心Central World的廣場並列。


“Located in one of the city’s iconic urban centres, the new store establishes a quiet sculptural presence at the heart of the bustling Central World Square on the intersection of Rama I and Ratchadamri roads,” explained Foster + Partners.

“It forms a new social focus for the city and an inviting backdrop for the city’s famous New Year celebrations and numerous other annual festivities.”

Foster + Partners解釋說:“新店位於城市標誌性的市中心之一,在繁華的中央世界廣場的中心,在Rama I和Ratchadamri道路的交匯處建立了安靜的雕塑感。”


Apple Central World was designed by Foster + Partners’ Bangkok office in collaboration with Apple and local studio Architects 49.

It is the second Apple Store by Foster + Partners in Bangkok, following the completion of the tree-lined Apple Iconsiam store in 2018.

Apple Central World由Foster + Partners曼谷辦事處與Apple和本地工作室Architects 49合作設計。

這是繼2018年完成綠樹成蔭的Apple Iconsiam商店之後,Foster + Partners在曼谷開設的第二家Apple Store。

Photo is courtesy of Apple.|照片由蘋果公司提供。

Apple Central World’s setting is described by Foster + Partners as a “dizzying urban spectacle”, overlooked by multiple vehicular and pedestrian routes around the site. This presented the opportunity for multiple entrance points to the store.

Guests can enter from either the ground level or the first floor, which is directly connected to the shopping centre and Bangkok’s Mass Transit System via a new bridge and walkway.

Foster + Partners將Apple Central World的環境描述為“令人眼花urban亂的城市景觀”,周圍遍布多條車輛和行人路線,卻將其忽略了。 這為商店提供了多個入口的機會。


The store has a diameter of 24.4 metres, with the sculptural column clad in 1,461 slats of European white oak placed at its centre.

Where the column meets the ceiling, it fans outward to merge with the roof of the store. It then extends beyond the store’s perimeter to form a three-metre-long cantilever that shades the glazing.


在圓柱與天花板相交的地方,扇形向外散開以與商店的屋頂合併。 然後,它延伸超出商店的範圍,形成一個三米長的懸臂,將玻璃遮擋起來。

Photo is courtesy of Apple.|照片由蘋果公司提供。

The floor-to-ceiling glazing that envelops the store was chosen by Foster + Partners to dematerialise the boundary with the outside – similarly to many of the studio’s other Apple Stores including Apple Sanlitun in Beijing.

In the case of Apple Central World, the glazing is intended to address the “public plaza and the famous Erawan shrine located across the road”.

Foster + Partners選擇了包圍商店的落地玻璃,以消除與外部的界限,這與工作室的許多其他Apple商店(包括北京的Apple Sanlitun)類似。


The store’s sales areas are split over two levels, and there is also a basement level that contains a private boardroom for business customers.

The floors are connected by a spiral staircase that cantilevers from the central column, with treads made from solid blocks of polished stainless steel chosen for a “reflective, sculptural quality”.



Photo is courtesy of Apple.|照片由蘋果公司提供。

Foster + Partners has also incorporated a cylindrical elevator that is clad in the same polished stainless steel, resembling a minimalist sculpture that spans the shop floors.

Externally, Apple Central World is complete with benches and large Terminalia trees to offer a quiet place for the locals and visitors to rest.

Foster + Partners還整合了一個圓柱形電梯,該電梯外覆有相同的拋光不銹鋼,類似於橫跨車間的極簡雕塑。

在外部,Apple Central World配有長椅和大欖仁樹,為當地人和遊客提供了一個安靜的休息場所。

Foster and Partners was founded by Norman Foster in 1967. It has offices internationally but its headquarters remain in London, UK. The studio is behind the design of all the latest Apple Stores, including Apple Marunouchi in Tokyo and Apple Aventura in Miami.

Other recent projects by the studio include a proposal for an over-station skyscraper in central Sydney, the masterplan for One Beverly Hills and Dolunay Villa in Turkey.

Photography is by Bear and Terry unless stated.

Foster and Partners由Norman Foster於1967年創立。它在全球設有辦事處,但總部仍位於英國倫敦。 該工作室支持所有最新Apple Store商店的設計,包括東京的Apple Marunouchi和邁阿密的Apple Aventura。

該工作室最近進行的其他項目包括,在悉尼市中心建造一座高架摩天大樓的提案,在比佛利山莊(One Beverly Hills)的總體規劃和在土耳其的杜魯奈別墅(Dolunay Villa)。




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