Project: Ridge Mountain Residence
Architects: Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects
Landscape Design: INSIDEOUTSIDE, Inc.
Builder: Van Vliet & Co, Inc.
Location: Palm Springs, California
Year :2018
Photo Credits: Joe Fletcher, Lance Gerber

建築師:Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney建築師
製造商:Van Vliet&Co,Inc.
圖片來源:喬·弗萊徹(Joe Fletcher),蘭斯·格伯(Lance Gerber)

Envisioned as a sculptural piece that grows from the existing landscape, the Ridge Mountain Residence will take advantage of the incredible vistas to the valleys, open spaces, and untouched surrounding areas Palm Springs. The house dissolves the barriers between indoors and out by integrating sliding doors and operable windows to facilitate natural ventilation which also creates an uninterrupted flow from the shared space to the infinity edge pool. Using a natural material palette to help blend in with its surroundings, the concrete will match the light browns and tans of the site while Cor-ten steel cladding will provide a naturally weathering material.

Ridge Mountain Residence被設想為從現有景觀中生長出來的雕塑作品,它將利用令人難以置信的遠景到山谷,開放空間和未受污染的棕櫚泉周圍地區。 房屋通過集成滑動門和可操作的窗戶來促進室內自然通風,從而消除了室內和室外之間的障礙,這也創造了從共享空間到無邊際游泳池的不間斷流動。 使用天然材料的調色板來幫助與周圍環境融合,混凝土將與現場的淺褐色和棕褐色相匹配,而Cor-ten鋼包層將提供自然風化的材料。

Large irregular pieces of flagstone will be used throughout the project for floors and terraces while mesquite seating and finishes will help provide a natural sensibility to the site and this residence’s eco-system. The extreme topography changes of the site help screen the house from adjacent properties and cul-de-sac. The site is accessed via a drive which is conceived as a canyon that is carved through the eight foot tall rock face rising from the curb below. The house harmonizes with its natural habitat and echoes the subtle beauty of its desert location, and accordingly will have low impact in its remote location.

整個項目將在地板和露台上使用大型不規則的石板碎片,而豆科灌木的座位和飾面將有助於為該場地和該住宅的生態系統提供自然的感性。 場地的極端地形變化有助於將房屋與鄰近的房屋和死胡同隔離開來。 可以通過驅動器訪問該站點,該驅動器被認為是峽谷,該峽谷被雕刻成從下方路緣升起的八英尺高的岩壁。 房屋與自然棲息地相協調,呼應了沙漠地區的微妙美景,因此對偏遠地區的影響不大。

Using a natural material palette helps Ridge Mountain Residence by Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects blend in with its surroundings: the concrete complements the light browns and tans of the surrounding mountains, while Cor-ten steel cladding provides a naturally weathering material.

使用天然材料的調色板有助於Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects的Ridge Mountain Residence與周圍環境融為一體:混凝土與周圍群山的淺棕色和棕褐色形成互補,而Cor-ten鋼壁板則提供了一種自然風化的材料。


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