Location: nonthaburi, thailand
Architect: archimontage design fields sophisticated
Interior designer: archimontage design fields sophisticated
Architect in charge: cherngchai riawruangsangkul, thanakit wiriyasathit, tanakul chookorn
Site area: 4133 ft2 (384 m2)
Built area: 4521 ft2 (420 m2)
Project year: 2020
Structural engineer: chaianuchit srihard
Contractor: channarong prangsorn
Photography: DOF sky|ground

負責建築師:cherngchai riawruangsangkul,thanakit wiriyasathit,Tanakul chookorn
結構工程師:Chaianuchit srihard
承包商:channarong prangsorn

In pak kret, thailand, archimontage design fields sophisticated has completed their latest residential project. Like many of their previous interventions, pakkret house is characterized by its response to the tropical climate. In this case, the two-story residence is articulated by a screen-like façade that is designed to shield the interior from the hot sun.

在泰國北革,精緻的建築設計領域已經完成了最新的住宅項目。 像他們以前的許多干預措施一樣,pakkret房屋的特點是對熱帶氣候的反應。 在這種情況下,兩層樓的住宅採用了類似屏幕的立面,旨在保護室內免受烈日的侵襲。

Located on a site behind the sahakon 3 market, the new house adjoins the client’s existing property. The program comprises four bedrooms distributed across the first and second floor, a living room, a dining room, a pantry on the first floor underneath a high ceiling, a kitchen at the back adjoining storage, a laundry room, and a washing area. A parking space for two cars is also arranged under a large front balcony, on the side of the old house.

新房子位於sahakon 3市場後面的地點,毗鄰客戶的現有財產。 該程序包括分佈在第一層和第二層的四間臥室,一間客廳,一間餐廳,一層高天花板下的一間廚房,位於後側與儲藏室相連的廚房,一間洗衣房和一個洗滌區。 老房子一側的大型前陽台下方還設有兩輛車的停車位。

Due to the position of the site, the house is exposed to a lot of sunlight. Archimontage‘s solution was to build a huge, 7.5 meter-tall wall to screen the west-facing elevation. Divided into strips and varying in sizes and thickness, these overlapping elements create a dynamic façade, helping to break up an otherwise heavy volume.

由於場地的位置,房屋暴露在大量陽光下。 Archimontage的解決方案是建造一個高7.5米的巨大牆,以屏蔽朝西的高程。 這些重疊的元素分為條帶,大小和厚度各不相同,這些元素創造出動感的立面,有助於打破原本笨重的體積。

Covered by brownish-orange terracotta tiles, the wall stands high to support a translucent roofing panel where many small lights are strung in rows like waves. These decorative elements not only shade the house from direct sunlight but also intentionally create an interplay between natural sunlight and artificial light after dark.

牆壁由棕橙色的赤陶磚覆蓋,高高地支撐著半透明的屋頂板,其中許多小燈像波浪一樣排成一行。 這些裝飾元素不僅使房屋免受陽光直射,而且有意在自然光與天黑後的人造光之間產生相互作用。

The strips all overlap each other to allow thin slices of sunlight from outside to shine through. The living area becomes a buffer zone where the sunlight creates different patterns and motifs on the floor and the ground. moving into the interior, the house embraces a palette of raw materials. The terracotta tiled elevation gives way to exposed concrete surfaces, cool metal finishes and wooden furniture.

條帶彼此重疊,以允許來自外部的薄薄的陽光透過。 生活區成為緩衝區,在這裡陽光可以在地板和地面上產生不同的圖案和圖案。 搬入室內,房屋採用了一系列原材料。 赤土瓷磚的高程讓位於裸露的混凝土表面,涼爽的金屬飾面和木製家具。


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