Architects: MAD Architects
Area: 300 m²
Year: 2016
Photographs: Koji Fujii / Nacasa & Partners Inc., Dan Honda, Daniel Taun
Manufacturers: Lixil Corporation, Tajima
Design Team:Takahiro Yonezu, Yukan Yanagawa, Hiroki Fujino, Julian Sattler, Davide Signorato
Client:Clover International School
Constructor:Kira Construction Inc
Structural Engineer:Takuo Nagai

建築師:MAD Architects
照片:藤井康司/ Nacasa&Partners Inc.,本田丹,丹尼爾·陶恩
承建商:Kira Construction Inc

MAD architects have completed their first project in Japan, the Clover House kindergarten. Located in the small town of Okazaki, the school’s setting boasts views of the paddy fields and mountains, characteristic of the Aichi Prefecture. The kindergarten was originally operated out of the old family home of siblings Kentaro and Tamaki Nara, which soon became too small and unfit for expanding their educational goals. The siblings desired to create a modern educational institution where children could feel as comfortable as they do in their own homes, allowing them to grow and learn in a nurturing setting.

MAD建築師已經在日本完成了他們的第一個項目Clover House幼兒園。 學校坐落在岡崎縣的小鎮上,享有愛知縣特色的稻田和山脈的美景。 幼兒園最初是在兄弟姐妹健太郎和玉木奈良的舊家庭住宅外經營的,不久後規模變得太小,不適合擴大其教育目標。 兄弟姐妹希望建立一個現代化的教育機構,讓孩子們像在自己家裡一樣舒適,讓他們在養育的環境中成長和學習。

“I think it’s important to create a homely atmosphere inside this kindergarten, so instead building a brand new building, we decide to keep the old wooden structure as the memory and the soul of the space, and work around it.” stated Ma Yansong, founder of MAD Architects.

“我認為在這所幼兒園內營造一個家庭般的氛圍很重要,因此,我們決定保留舊的木結構作為空間的記憶和靈魂,而不是建造一座嶄新的建築,並圍繞它進行工作。” MAD Architects的創始人馬岩松說。

MAD was commissioned by the family to transform their old two-story family house into a fully developed educational institution. The transformation started with an investigation of the existing 105 sq m house. Like the surrounding houses, this wooden building was first constructed as a standard prefabricated house. To keep the construction costs to a minimum, MAD decided to recycle the existing wood structure, incorporating it into the new building’s design. The original wooden structure is present throughout the main learning area as a symbolic memory of Clover House’s history. Its translucent and enclosed spaces easily adapt to different teaching activities. The windows, shaped in various geometries recognizable to a child’s eye, allow sunlight to sift through and create ever-changing shadows that play with the students’ curiosity and encourage imagination.

“We have designed the building from a child’s point of view, and the layout focusses on creating intimate and diverse spaces.” said Ma Yansong.



The new house’s skin and structure wrap the old wooden structure like a piece of cloth covering the building’s skeleton, creating a blurry space between the new and the old. The starting point of The Clover House is the signature pitched roof. This repurposed element creates dynamic interior spaces, and recalls the owners’ memories of the building as their home. The form of the house brings to mind a magical cave or a pop-up fort. Compared to the original assembly-line residence, the new three-dimensional wooden structure presents a much more organic and dynamic form to host the kindergarten. The facade and roof utilize common soft roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, to provide waterproofing, while wrapping up the whole structure in a sheath of paper-like pieces.

“We wanted to create a playful piece of architecture that would stay in the memory of the kids when they have grown up.” – Ma Yansong

新房子的皮膚和結構將舊的木製結構包裹起來,就像一塊布覆蓋建築物的骨架,在新舊之間形成了模糊的空間。 The Clover House的起點是標誌性的斜屋頂。 這種經過重新設計的元素創建了充滿活力的內部空間,並喚起了業主對建築物的回憶,作為他們的家。 房子的形式使人想到了一個神奇的洞穴或一個彈出式堡壘。 與原始流水線住宅相比,新的三維木質結構呈現出更加有機和動態的形式來容納幼兒園。 外牆和屋頂使用普通的軟屋頂材料(例如瀝青瓦)來提供防水功能,同時將整個結構包裹在紙片狀的護套中。

“我們想創造一個有趣的建築,當孩子長大後會留在他們的記憶中。” –馬彥松

Adding to the sense of playfulness, there is a slide that descends from the second floor of the building to an outdoor play area and an open courtyard in front of the building.



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