Creatives Charlotte Taylor and Nicholas Préaud took cues from the modernist architecture of Lina Bo Bardi to dream up these renderings of Casa Atibaia, an imaginary home that hides in a São Paulo forest.

In a series of ultra-realistic renderings, the pair have envisioned Casa Atibaia to be nestled amongst the forested banks of the Atibaia river in São Paulo.

This is the first collaborative project between Préaud, who is co-founder of 3D visualisation practice Ni.acki, and Taylor, who runs Maison de Sable, a studio that works with a range of visual artists to create fictional spaces.

創意人夏洛特·泰勒(Charlotte Taylor)和尼古拉斯·普勞(NicholasPréaud)借鑒了莉娜·波·巴爾迪(Lina Bo Bardi)的現代主義建築,幻想著隱藏在聖保羅森林中的假想之家Casa Atibaia的這些效果。

在一系列超現實的效果圖中,他們倆將Casa Atibaia設想為坐落在聖保羅Atibaia河林間河岸之間。

這是3D可視化實踐Ni.acki的共同創始人Préaud和泰勒(Taylor)之間的第一個合作項目,泰勒(Taylor)經營著Maison de Sable,這是一個與眾多視覺藝術家合作創建虛構空間的工作室。

The imaginary home was informed by Casa de Vidro, or Glass House, which Italian-born Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi designed in 1951 for herself and her husband, writer and curator Pietro Maria Bardi.

Comprising a concrete and glass volume supported by slim pilotis, the house is considered a significant example of Brazilian modernism – an architectural movement that both Taylor and Préaud have come to admire during their careers.

這座假想家是由玻璃之家(Casa de Vidro)或玻璃之家提供的,玻璃是意大利出生的巴西建築師莉娜·博·巴迪(Lina Bo Bardi)於1951年為自己和她的丈夫,作家兼策展人彼得·瑪麗亞·巴迪(Pietro Maria Bardi)設計的。


“Lina Bo Bari has been a huge inspiration for the most part of my career,” Taylor told Dezeen.

“Discovering Nicholas had an equal passion and excitement towards Brazilian modernism was a perfect match, something we had to explore.”

“Having lived and studied architecture in Brazil, I was overwhelmed by the presence and national pride around modernist jewels such as Casa de Vidro or Casa das Canoas by Oscar Niemeyer,” continued Préaud.

“These homes have become landmarks not only for their style and modern construction methods at the time, but also because of the simplicity of the lifestyle they implemented.”

泰勒對Dezeen表示:“琳娜·巴里(Lina Bo Bari)在我的職業生涯中一直是一個巨大的靈感。”


“在巴西生活和研究建築之後,奧斯卡·尼邁耶(Oscar Niemeyer)等現代主義珠寶(如Casa de Vidro或Casa das Canoas)的存在和民族自豪感使我不知所措,”Préaud繼續說道。


Like Bo Bardi’s Casa de Vidro, the imaginary Casa Atibaia features a white-concrete framework and expansive glass windows.

However, instead of pilotis, this house would instead be elevated by huge jagged boulders that jut out from the terrain below.

與Bo Bardi的Casa de Vidro一樣,假想的Casa Atibaia具有白色混凝土框架和寬大的玻璃窗。


Taylor and Préaud’s creation would also be much more sinuous in shape – the river-facing elevation of winding inwards to form a courtyard around a cluster of existing palm trees.

This courtyard would help loosely separate the private and communal quarters of the home.

“Lina Bo Bardi’s Casa de Vidro was an inspiration mostly in terms of this ethereal feeling of a delicately suspended home… gentle curves, extended raw concrete slabs and a primal relationship with the elements are our tribute to Brazilian modernism,” the pair explained.



兩人解釋說:“ Lina Bo Bardi的Casa de Vidro的靈感主要來自對精緻的懸掛式房屋的那種空靈的感覺……柔和的曲線,延伸的生混凝土板以及與元素的原始關係是我們對巴西現代主義的致敬,” 。

Some of the boulders propping up the home would pierce through the interior and be adapted into functional elements like bookcases, a bed headboard, or craggy plinths for displaying earth-tone vases.


In the living room, a curving cream-coloured sofa is accompanied by a couple of sloping armchairs and a floor lamp with a concertina-fold shade.

Wooden high-back chairs surround the stone breakfast island in the adjacent kitchen.



The home would otherwise be dressed with a blend of contemporary and antique decorative pieces, ideally from the likes of French designers like Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Chapo.

“It would definitely be a dream home for us in another life,” added Taylor and Préaud.

否則,房屋將融合現代和古董裝飾元素,理想情況下應來自夏洛特·佩里安德(Charlotte Perriand)和皮埃爾·查波(Pierre Chapo)等法國設計師。


“Casa Atibaia is a design experiment in which we combined both our impressions and aspirations of the ideal modernist jungle home,” the pair continued.

“Through this experiment we sought to squeeze out the essence of what Brazilian modernism means to us, blurring the boundaries between inside and out while maintaining a cosy, homey feeling.”

他們繼續說:“ Casa Atibaia是一個設計實驗,我們結合了理想的現代主義叢林住宅的印象和訴求。”


Charlotte Taylor was one of nine individuals to feature in Dezeen’s roundup of 3D designers, visualisers and image-makers.

She said the recent rise of dreamy renderings coming from the likes of her and Préaud may be down to the fact that, in light of the global coronavirus lockdowns, the appetite for escapism is “at an all-time high”.

Earlier this year, in response to the pandemic, Child Studio designed Casa Plenaire – a fictitious seaside villa where those stuck at home could imagine having the “perfect holiday”.

夏洛特·泰勒(Charlotte Taylor)是Dezeen對3D設計師,可視化工具和圖像製作者的採訪中的九個人之一。


今年早些時候,為應對這種流行病,Child Studio設計了Casa Plenaire –一棟虛擬的海濱別墅,那些困在家裡的人可以想像擁有“完美的假期”。



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