Teca House Is A Contemporary Building, Designed With A Minimal Naturalist Approach, Suspended In The Biella’s Green Hills, Born From The Meeting Of Two Thinkers: Alberto Savio, A Visionary Entrepreneur And Federico Delrosso, A Milanese Architect Born In Biella. Two Large Horizontal Wings Suspended In The Void Rooted In The Ground By A Small Agricultural Manufacture Of Which It Was Desired To Preserve Traces. A Completely Openable Glass Closure That Defines The Volume And Allows To Dive Completely In The Surrounding Landscape.

TECA HOUSE是一棟當代建築,採用最小的自然主義方法設計,懸掛在比耶拉的綠色山丘中,由兩次思想家的聚會而誕生:阿爾貝托·薩維奧(ALBERTO SAVIO),一家有遠見的企業家和費德里科·德爾洛索(FEDERICO DELROSSO),這是比耶爾的一個架構師。 小型農具製造的兩根巨大的水平翅膀懸掛在地面上,需要保留痕跡。 完全可打開的玻璃關閉框,用於定義周圍環境的體積並允許完全潛水。

The Project, Which Aims To Recover A Small Rustic Building On Biella’s Hills, Is Based On A Compositive Inversion, Which Brings A Small Pre-existent Rustic Volume To The Outside, Dematerializing It And Generating A New Function To The Territory. From The “roots” Of An Agricultural Past, Now In Disuse, Signs Of Which Are Maintained, A Contemporary Work Is Born. This Work Is Rooted In The Territory And In Balance With It, But At The Same It Is Time Permeated With New Possibilities Of Connection. The Relationship Between Past And Present And Between “work” And Context Is Balanced Without Changing The Dimensional Equilibrium Of The Place, Also To Enhance Its Environmental Value And Becoming Not Only A Cultural Point Of Reference But Also A Visual One. The Rural Wall System Becomes The Base, The Connection With The Territory From Which A Light, New And Transparent Intervention Is Born: A Concrete Structure, Open To The Landscape, With Two Wide Horizontal Wings And A Glass Skin, Totally Openable, That Encloses The Volume.


Teca House Opens Its Spaces To New Scenarios And Interactions, Giving The Possibility Of Living And Using The Location To Organize Events, To Realize Photography Shoots And To Feel The Emotion Of Staying In A Contemporary Architecture.

Teca House為新的場景和互動打開了空間,為人們提供了生活的可能性,並利用該地點來組織活動,實現攝影作品並感受到留在當代建築中的情感。


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