PR House |DA+S

Architects: DA+S
Area: 220 m²
Year: 2019
Photographs: Hoang Le Photography
Manufacturers: AutoDesk, Adobe, Trimble Navigation
Architect In Charge:Pham Ho Duy
Design Team:Pham Ho Duy, Nguyen Hong Vu, Ho Thi My Duyen

建築師:DA + S
照片:Hoang Le攝影
製造商:AutoDesk,Adobe,Trimble Navigation
負責建築師:Pham Ho Duy

Phan Rang is famous for its sunny and windy weather through out the year. In that climate condition, local people usually choose to be not against the nature with closed houses which will help them avoid the impact of outdoor weather to the indoor living functions. There always is a discrimination between inside and outside. By this safety way of creating the living spaces, people spend most of their daytime in buildings and go out only in the late afternoon or in the evening – when the sun is gone.

潘朗(Phan Rang)以全年晴朗多風的天氣而聞名。 在這種氣候條件下,當地人通常選擇不與大自然封閉房屋,這將有助於他們避免室外天氣對室內居住功能的影響。 內部和外部之間總是存在區別。 通過這種安全的方式來創造生活空間,人們將大部分時間都花在建築物上,並且僅在午後或傍晚(太陽消失了)外出。

There are 300 sunny days in a year, which means that Phan Rang people have to suffer from sunlight more than any other area in Viet Nam. This leads to the consequence that the temperature is really high during the year. However, the atmosphere is extremely fresh with beautiful blue sky and clean sunny color.

一年中有300個晴天,這意味著藩朗人遭受的陽光照射比越南任何其他地區都要多。 這導致一年中溫度確實很高。 但是,這裡的空氣極為清新,美麗的藍天和晴朗的色彩。

The initial imagination about living spaces is about the buffer areas. This particularly area is considered as the transition space between inside and outside. It should be larger than normal for people to sense, walk inside and change their activities. However, this space boundary is not really clear. Sometimes it can belong to the outdoor and be totally affected by the nature, sometimes it belongs to the indoor which will help enlarge the living spaces. The air flows through this space will be cooler thanks to different kinds of local trees and humidity from water surface. People in this space also have more chances to connect to the natural light and air.

關於居住空間的最初想像是關於緩衝區。 該特別的區域被認為是內部和外部之間的過渡空間。 人們應該感覺到,走進去並改變他們的活動的幅度要比平常大。 但是,這個空間邊界並不清楚。 有時它可能屬於室外,並完全受到自然的影響,有時它屬於室內,這將有助於擴大居住空間。 由於當地樹木和水面的濕度不同,流經該空間的空氣將變得涼爽。 在這個空間中的人們也有更多機會連接到自然光和空氣。


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