Architecture firm Feuerstein Quagliara has integrated a series of covered outdoor spaces into this country home, which is designed to provide “visual and physical connections to the landscape from every room”.

建築公司Feuerstein Quagliara將一系列帶頂棚的戶外空間整合到了這座鄉村住宅中,旨在提供“從每個房間到景觀的視覺和物理聯繫”。

The Hass House is located in Livingston Manor, a hamlet in the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York. Situated on a grassy knoll, the home overlooks 45 acres (18 hectares) of farmland.

Feuerstein Quagliara – a Brooklyn firm led by Andrew Feuerstein and Bret Quagliara – designed the house as a “playful reconfiguration of the traditional American side-gabled house”.

Hass House位於紐約州北部卡茨基爾山脈的小村莊利文斯頓莊園。 該房屋坐落在草叢中的丘陵上,俯瞰著45英畝(18公頃)的農田。

Feuerstein Quagliara(由安德魯Feuerstein和Bret Quagliara領導的布魯克林公司)將房屋設計為“對傳統的美國山牆房屋進行了有趣的重新配置”。

The design began as a linear bar stretching from east to west. The bar was then broken into six, equally sized blocks – each accommodating a different programmatic function. Certain blocks were then shifted to create a series of gardens and terraces.

The home is topped with a continuous gabled roof, which covers both the interior rooms and outdoor spaces.

設計始於從東到西延伸的線性條。 然後,將條分成六個大小相等的塊,每個塊容納不同的程序功能。 然後將某些街區轉移以創建一系列花園和露台。


“In this way, each programme type is connected to an outdoor space made accessible through floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, providing both visual and physical connections to the landscape from every room,” said the firm.

Exterior walls are clad in rough-cut pine that was stained black. This dark cladding, combined with the building’s simple form, create “a graphic silhouette against the landscape”, it added.


外牆覆蓋著染成黑色的粗切松木。 它補充說,這種深色的覆層與建築的簡單形式相結合,創造出“與風景相對應的圖形輪廓”。

Encompassing 3,024 square feet (281 square metres), the dwelling has a clear, fluid layout. One side holds a master suite while the other contains a guest bedroom. The space between them is occupied by an open-plan kitchen, dining area and living room.

Both of the bedrooms are provided with outdoor spaces – the master suite connects to a private garden, while the guest room adjoins an intimate patio. In the public zone, a 48-foot-long (15-metre) run of sliding glass doors enables a smooth transition to a deck, which looks south toward verdant, rolling hills.

住宅面積為3,024平方英尺(281平米),佈局清晰流暢。 一側設有主臥套房,另一側則設有客臥。 它們之間的空間由開放式廚房,用餐區和客廳佔據。

兩間臥室均設有戶外空間-主臥套房與私家花園相連,而客房與一個私密天井相連。 在公共區域,滑動玻璃門長48英尺(15米),可以平穩過渡到甲板,該甲板向南看向青翠的起伏山丘。

“The design provides a diverse set of environments, with expansive views out to the pastoral landscape from every space,” the team said.

The ceiling shapes vary in the home, depending upon each room’s function.

The bedrooms have flat ceilings to help them feel cosy. In the communal space, the ceiling alternates between flat and vaulted, helping delineate the areas for cooking, eating and lounging.



臥室設有平坦的天花板,以幫助他們感到舒適。 在公共空間中,天花板在平坦的和拱形的之間交替,有助於勾勒出烹飪,飲食和休閒的區域。

“This pattern of compression and expansion adds nuance and rhythm as one moves throughout the linear floor plan,” the team said.

Interior spaces feature a restrained palette of colours and materials. In contrast to the building’s dark facades, interior rooms have light-toned finishes such as concrete flooring, white walls and Baltic birch plywood millwork.


內部空間的色彩和材料色調受到限制。 與建築物的深色外牆形成鮮明對比的是,內部房間具有淺色調的飾面,例如混凝土地板,白色牆壁和波羅的海樺木膠合板木製品。

In the communal space, a long bar of cabinetry stretches along one wall. The team also incorporated a concrete bench, a wood-burning stove and a small nook for storing firewood.

The kitchen is fitted with two islands made of plywood and concrete, which form a buffer between the living and dining spaces.

在公共空間中,一長條櫥櫃沿著一堵牆延伸。 該團隊還配備了一個水泥長凳,一個燃木爐和一個用於存放柴火的小角落。


Skylights bring in soft daylight and facilitate cross ventilation during the warmer months.

Located a couple hours by car from New York City, the Catskills region is a popular getaway for urban dwellers. Other dwellings in the area include an off-the-grid cabin by Marc Thorpe, a house made of concrete blocks by J_spy, and an abode by IDS/R Architecture that is filled with Danish furnishings.


卡茨基爾斯(Catskills)地區距離紐約市只有幾個小時的車程,是城市居民的熱門度假勝地。 該地區的其他住宅包括Marc Thorpe的網格小屋,J_spy的混凝土砌塊房屋以及IDS / R Architecture的住所,裡面裝滿了丹麥家具。



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