CF Møller Architects has revealed photos of the Kajstaden Tall Timber Building, which has recently completed in the city of Västerås and is Sweden’s tallest timber building.

Completed in 2019, the 8.5-storey-high apartment block has a structure built entirely with cross-laminated timber, and secured with mechanical screws that ensure it can be taken apart and reused.



CF Møller Architects chose to use cross-laminated timber for the scheme as it is renewable, recyclable and has a lower carbon footprint than other traditional building materials like concrete. Wooden buildings are also believed to improve wellbeing of occupants when in use.

The studio hopes that the structure will become “a landmark for the area and a benchmark for a sustainable future”.

CFMøller建築師選擇使用交叉層壓木材,因為該木材可再生,可回收,並且碳足跡比其他傳統建築材料(例如混凝土)低。 人們還相信木製建築在使用時可以改善居住者的健康。


“The total carbon-dioxide savings from use of solid wood instead of concrete are estimated at 550 tonnes of CO2 over the building’s life,” explained Rob Marsh, the studio’s sustainability manager.

“The building in Kajstaden constitutes a new chapter in the history of construction, as it is currently Sweden’s tallest solid-timber building,” added associate partner Ola Jonsson.

“Through research projects and our other timber projects we have focused on innovation and contributed towards developing ways of realising high-rise buildings made of timber,” she continued.

該工作室可持續發展經理羅布·馬什(Rob Marsh)解釋說:“在建築物的整個使用壽命中,使用實木代替混凝土可節省的二氧化碳總量為550噸。”

合夥人奧拉·瓊森(Ola Jonsson)補充說:“卡伊斯塔登(Kajstaden)的建築構成了建築歷史的新篇章,因為它是瑞典目前最高的實木建築。”


Inside, Kajstaden Tall Timber Building has four flats on each floor that range from one to five rooms in size. In a bid to maximise views and natural light, all the living rooms are positioned to look out over the harbour.

It is distinguished by its boxy form and staggered roof, created by double height apartments on the eighth storey. Each storey was constructed in just three days.

在內部,Kajstaden高大的木材建築在每個樓層上有四個單位,大小從一到五個房間不等。 為了最大化景觀和自然採光,所有起居室的位置都可以俯瞰海港。

它的特點是其八角形的形狀和交錯的屋頂,由八層的雙層公寓創造。 每層樓都在短短三天內建成。

According to the studio, Kajstaden Tall Timber Building’s height and form is designed to complement surrounding landmarks and the aesthetic of its site in the industrial harbour.


The building is wrapped by dark timber cladding made of stained thermowood – a type of Scandinavian softwood timber that has been heat treated for higher weather resistance.

These pigmented panels are contrasted with light, natural wood panels that line elements of the tower’s interiors, and each of the individual balconies.



Kajstaden Tall Timber Building is complete with green roofs and greenhouses, which Jonsson said forms part of the building’s “holistic sustainable and bio-circular concept”.

CF Møller Architects is a Danish architecture studio founded by Christian Frederik Møller in 1924. Other recent projects by the studio the Lego office in Billund that incorporates giant bricks in its facade and a proposal for a plant-covered tower in Oslo.

Elsewhere, the architecture and urbanism arm of Google parent company Alphabet called Sidewalk Labs has recently unveiled a digital model of what would be the world’s tallest mass-timber building. It follows the company’s recent proposal for a mass-timber smart city in Toronto it has designed with Thomas Heatherwick and Snøhetta.


CFMøller建築師事務所是由Christian FrederikMøller於1924年創立的丹麥建築工作室。該工作室最近的其他項目是位於Billund的樂高辦公室,其外牆採用巨型磚塊,並提議在奧斯陸建造一座植物覆蓋的塔樓。

在其他地方,谷歌母公司Alphabet的建築和城市化部門名為Sidewalk Labs,最近發布了一種數字模型,該模型將成為世界上最高的大型木材建築。 這是該公司最近與托馬斯·希瑟威克(Thomas Heatherwick)和斯諾塔(Snøhetta)設計的關於在多倫多建造一座大型木材智能城市的提議。

Project credits:

Architect: C.F. Møller Architects
Landscape: C.F. Møller Architects
Contractor: Martinsons and Consto
Engineer: Bjerking


建築師:C.F. 默勒建築師
風景:C.F. 默勒建築師



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