New construction images of the Renzo Piano-designed Academy Museum of Motion Pictures have emerged, which actor Tom Hanks revealed at the Oscars will open this year.

Located on Wilshire Boulevard, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures project comprises the renovation of the 1930s May Company Building, and a new glass sphere designed by the Italian architect’s firm.

由倫佐·皮亞諾(Renzo Piano)設計的電影學院博物館的新構造圖像已經出現,演員湯姆·漢克斯(Tom Hanks)在奧斯卡頒獎典禮上透露的電影將於今年開業。

美國電影學院博物館項目位於威爾希爾大道,包括1930年代May Company大樓的翻新工程以及由意大利建築師事務所設計的新玻璃球。

The images show the spherical addition nearing completion. It has a domed glass roof made of 1,500 flat, laminated, tempered, shingled glass panels that envelopes a basin made of steel and steel-reinforced-concrete.

The glass sheets are cut into 146 different shapes and sizes, and were fabricated in Steyr, Austria by Saint-Gobain.

圖像顯示球形加法接近完成。 它有一個圓頂玻璃屋頂,該屋頂由1500個平面,層壓,鋼化,帶蓋玻璃面板製成,包圍著由鋼和鋼增強混凝土製成的盆。


The glass sphere will host a 1,000-seat theatre and a dome-covered terrace with views of the Hollywood Hills, while the majority of the exhibition and programming space will be housed in the 1930s May Company Building.

The Academy of Motion Pictures has confirmed it will now turn to the interior renovation following the boost of nearly reaching the $388 million (£299 million) target for the project.

玻璃球將容納一個有1000個座位的劇院和一個圓頂屋頂的露台,可欣賞好萊塢山的景色,而大部分展覽和節目製作空間則位於1930年代的May Company Building中。


“The Academy Museum recently announced that it has reached the 95 per cent mark in its $388 million pre-opening campaign, and installation of four floors of immersive, innovative exhibitions is now beginning,” it said.

The updated May Company Building will be renamed the Saban Building after philanthropists Cheryl and Haim Saban, who donated $50 million (£38 million) to the project.


在慈善家謝麗爾(Cheryl)和海姆·薩班(Haim Saban)捐贈了5000萬美元(3800萬英鎊)後,更新後的May Company大樓將重命名為Saban大樓。

Changes to the existing structure include restoring the exterior with limestone from Austin, Texas. One-third of the 350,000 gold leaf mosaic tiles on the cylinder fronting the building will be replaced with tiles from the original Italian manufacturer.

對現有結構的更改包括使用得克薩斯州奧斯丁的石灰石修復外部。 建築物前面圓柱體上的350,000張金箔馬賽克瓷磚中的三分之一將被意大利原始製造商的瓷磚所取代。

“The building’s design is inspired by the museum’s mission to turn the dream factory inside out and give visitors unprecedented opportunities to peer behind the screen and into the creative, collaborative world of moviemaking,” the museum added.

The 1,000-seat David Geffen Theater located inside the sphere building will be used for daily screenings and major movie events such as previews and openings. The design also includes the smaller, more intimate Ted Mann Theater, which will be equipped to host various film formats and multidimensional sound experience.


位於球形大樓內的可容納1000個座位的大衛·格芬劇院(David Geffen Theatre)將用於每日放映和大型電影活動,例如預覽和開幕。 該設計還包括更小巧,更私密的泰德曼劇院,它將配備各種電影格式和多維聲音體驗。

Other features of the project include a series of restaurants, shops and education spaces.

American actor Hanks, who is a museum trustee and co-chair of the Academy Museum campaign, revealed this week that it will open on 14 December – one year later than originally anticipated.


美國演員漢克斯(Hanks)是博物館的受託人,也是學院博物館(Academy Museum)競選活動的聯合主席,本週透露,博物館將於12月14日開幕,比原計劃晚了一年。

Renzo Piano Building Workshop, led by the Pritzker-prize winning architect Renzo Piano, first unveiled the project in 2012.

The firm’s other projects in the US, include an apartment tower in Manhattan, the Whitney Museum of Art and a series of buildings for Columbia University’s new Manhattanville campus in Harlem.

由普利茲克獎獲獎建築師倫佐·皮亞諾(Renzo Piano)領導的倫佐·皮亞諾建築工作室(Renzo Piano Building Workshop)於2012年首次揭幕了該項目。




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