Pritzker Prize-winning architect Tadao Ando has released visuals of the He Art Museum in Shunde, China, which opens later this year.

The He Art Museum, or HEM, will be made from a series of stacked disks and will have a double helix spiral staircase at its centre.

普利茲克獎得主建築師安藤忠雄(Tadao Ando)已發布了中國順德何美術館的影像,該美術館將於今年晚些時候開放。


Running from the ground floor to the fourth, this staircase frames a central oculus that turns this core into a lightwell.

Photos released by Ando’s studio show the concrete frame of the double helix staircase in situ. HEM is due to open in March 2020.


安藤工作室發布的照片顯示了原位雙螺旋樓梯的混凝土框架。 HEM將於2020年3月開放。

The four overlapping circular storeys will form HEM’s asymmetric profile. At the base there will also be a square exhibition space.

HEM will be a showcase for the art and culture of the Lingnan region, which includes Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hainan.

四個重疊的圓形層將形成HEM的不對稱輪廓。 在基地還將有一個方形展覽空間。


The museum is funded by Midea Group director He Jianfeng, son of billionaire He Xiangjian. He, or 和 in Chinese characters, means harmony, balance and union – words Ando said he took as a starting point for his design.

該博物館由美的集團董事何建峰,億萬富翁何向健的兒子出資。 他用中文來表示和諧,平衡和聯合-安藤說他將其作為設計的起點。

“I want to create a museum that can synthesise southern China’s rich diverse cultures that stretches many millennia and the influences that birthed Lingnan architecture,” said Ando.

“I imagined HEM as an energetic central anchor point to all the artistic and regional custom, climate, landscape and civilisation in Lingnan.”



Water is a key part of architecture in these regions, with the canals and waterways of Jiangnan earning its towns the nickname of Venice in the east.

A pond next to the HEM will reflect its facade and create a cooling effect in the subtropical climate.

The circular stories set over a square are a reference to ancient Chinese cosmology and philosophy, which imagined the heavens as round and the earth as square.

Tadao Ando, who was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1995, has recently created an exhibition space in Chicago, and is turning the Paris stock exchange into an art museum.




安藤忠雄(Tadao Ando)於1995年獲得普利茲克建築獎(Pritzker Architecture Award),最近在芝加哥創建了一個展覽空間,並將巴黎證券交易所轉變為美術館。



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