Work has halted on the 45 Broad Street skyscraper in Downtown Manhattan by New York architecture firm CetraRuddy, which was expected to become the second tallest building in the area.

Developer Madison Equities said that the construction of the supertall building, which began September 2017, was stopped due to “short-term conditions in the Lower Manhattan market”.

When asked for clarification and the expected date to restart, Madison Equities declined to comment.

“Due to short-term conditions in the Lower Manhattan market, we have decided to delay on constructing the building in the near future,” the developer told.


開發商麥迪遜證券公司(Madison Equities)表示,由於“曼哈頓下城市場的短期狀況”,該超高層建築的建造於2017年9月開始,已停止。

當要求澄清和預計重新啟動日期時,Madison Equities拒絕置評。


Initially planned to reach 1,115 feet (340 metres), 45 Broad Street will now reach a lower height when construction resumes.

Madison Equities said the skyscraper was reduced by 80 feet (24 metres) to accommodate Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. Department of Buildings (DOB) plans have been filed for the design, with a full New Building (NB) permit.

45 Broad Street’s new height still places the tower in the supertall category, which ranges from 980 feet (300 metres) to 2,000 feet (600 metres). Local construction company Pizzarotti is also no longer involved, Madison Equities said.

CetraRuddy’s Downtown Manhattan design was unique in comparison to other glazed high-rises as it features thin bronze lines that stretch up its glass facades, in reference to the art deco movement.

The design was chosen to relate to art deco skyscrapers nearby, such as 70 Pine Street and 1 Wall Street, which were built in the 1930s and formed part of a backlash against glass dominating the tower construction in the city.

最初計劃達到1,115英尺(340米),而Broad Street 45將在恢復施工時達到更低的高度。

Madison Equities表示,摩天大樓已減少了80英尺(24米),以適應美國聯邦航空管理局(FAA)的規定。建築部(DOB)計劃已提交設計,並具有完整的新建築(NB)許可。

布羅德街45號的新高度仍然使該塔處於超高層類別,範圍從980英尺(300米)到2,000英尺(600米)。麥迪遜證券(Madison Equities)表示,當地建築公司Pizzarotti也不再參與其中。


選擇的設計與附近的裝飾藝術風格的摩天大樓相關,例如建於1930年代的Pine Street 70和Wall Street 1,是抵制玻璃主導城市建築的強烈反對的一部分。

The news of the project stalling comes as reports reveal that sales of luxury units in Manhattan’s Financial District area fell in 2019, according to local real estate publication The Real Deal, while the New York Times has predicted that the city as a whole will struggle with selling its oversupply of expensive, luxury apartments in the coming decade.

Manhattan is bursting with high-rise, luxury towers like the world’s tallest residential skyscraper Central Park Tower, and One Vanderbilt is rising beside Grand Central Station by Kohn Pederson Fox.

Other architects currently building residential skyscrapers in the city include BIG, Thomas Heatherwick, David Adjaye and Álvaro Siza.

根據當地房地產刊物《 The Real Deal》的報導,該項目陷入停滯的消息是有報導顯示2019年曼哈頓金融區的豪宅銷量下降,而《紐約時報》預測整個城市將在與 在未來十年內出售其供不應求的昂貴豪華公寓。

曼哈頓像世界上最高的住宅摩天大樓中央公園大廈一樣,聳立著高聳的豪華大廈,范德比爾特山(One Vanderbilt)則在Kohn Pederson Fox的大中央車站旁崛起。

目前在城市中建造住宅摩天大樓的其他建築師包括BIG,Thomas Heatherwick,David Adjaye和ÁlvaroSiza。



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