Canadian firm Diamond Schmitt Architects has revealed a new building for Ottawa’s public library system, featuring a curvilinear roof and glass walls that offer expansive views of the city.

Diamond Schmitt Architects are working with local studio KWC Architects to design the project comprising a five-storey joint facility for Ottawa Public Library and Library and Archives Canada (OPL-LAC) in the capital city’s downtown.

加拿大公司Diamond Schmitt Architects透露了渥太華公共圖書館系統的新建築,其曲線屋頂和玻璃牆可以欣賞到城市的廣闊景色。

Diamond Schmitt Architects正在與當地工作室KWC Architects合作設計該項目,該項目包括一個五層樓的聯合設施,用於首都渥太華公共圖書館和加拿大圖書館和檔案館(OPL-LAC)。

It will be located on a sloped plot overlooking an escarpment and the Ottawa River, and be close to Canada’s National Holocaust Monument designed by Daniel Libeskind. It will replace Ottawa’s current public library a 15-minute walk away.

The design is strongly influenced by the site’s natural surroundings, with large expanses of glazing that will wrap around the building and provide vistas of the adjacent river and Gatineau Hills in Quebec.

它將位於一個可以俯瞰懸崖和渥太華河的傾斜地塊上,並且靠近由丹尼爾·裡伯斯金(Daniel Libeskind)設計的加拿大國家大屠殺紀念碑。 它將取代渥太華現有的公共圖書館,步行15分鐘即可到達。


“The building’s design draws from Ottawa’s rich history and natural beauty with a dynamic form reminiscent of the nearby Ottawa River,” said Diamond Schmitt Architects.

Ontario limestone will clad much of the structure to relate to the escarpment below, while a wavy roofline is intended to offer a reference to Ottawa’s riverfront.

“The curvilinear form of the roof on the building relates to the flow of the majestic Ottawa River,” founding principal Donald Schmitt added in a video revealing the project.

Diamond Schmitt Architects說:“該建築的設計借鑒了渥太華的悠久歷史和自然風光,其動感的外觀讓人聯想到附近的渥太華河。”


創辦人唐納德·施密特(Donald Schmitt)在一段錄像中補充說:“建築物屋頂的曲線形式與雄偉的渥太華河的流量有關。”

OPL-LAC will measure 216,000-square-feet (20,067 square-metres) and include reading rooms, an archive and research centre, a children’s area, exhibition and collections spaces, a genealogy centre and a cafe.

Inside, the spaces will be arranged around a central, wood-clad atrium. Other wood-lined interiors are intended to add warmth to the interiors.


在內部,這些空間將圍繞一個中央的木質中庭佈置。 其他木襯裡的內飾旨在為內飾增添溫暖。

The library will be located within the glazed top storey and have views to Ottawa’s Parliament Hill that houses government buildings and a visitor centre by Moriyama & Teshima Architects.

Additional areas in the building include an Indigenous Centre that will showcase the languages and cultures of Canada’s indigenous peoples, known as the First Nations.

“The location at a cultural crossroads of a route that traces the three founding peoples – French, English and Indigenous – underscores the spirit of confluence in the building’s design and the possibilities for these memory institutions in a modern facility to advance the Canadian story,” said Schmitt.



“這條路線的文化十字路口的位置可以追溯到三個創始民族-法國,英語和土著人-強調了建築物設計融合的精神,以及這些記憶機構在現代化設施中促進加拿大故事發展的可能性,” 施密特說。

OPL-LAC, which is expected to open in 2024, will have three different entrances: on the east and west sides, and one close to the Pimisi train station that services the Ottawa’s light rail system.

Diamond Schmitt Architects and KWC Architects worked closely with the local community to design the project. The on-going public engagement programme is called Inspire555 as a nod to the project’s site at 555 Albert Street.

Four public workshops were held over the course of a year to discuss ideas, and Ottawa residents and people from all parts of the country were encouraged to get involved.


Diamond Schmitt Architects和KWC Architects與當地社區緊密合作設計了該項目。 正在進行的公眾參與計劃被稱為Inspire555,以向位於阿爾伯特街555號的項目所在地致敬。


Diamond Schmitt Architects was founded in 1975 by Schmitt and Jack Diamond, and has offices in Toronto, Vancouver and New York City. It has designed other buildings in Ottawa such as the National Arts Centre and a temporary home for Canada’s Senate.

The firm is also involved in the redesign of the New York Philharmonic concert hall at Lincoln Center with local firm Tod Williams Billie Tsien.

Diamond Schmitt Architects建築師事務所由Schmitt和Jack Diamond於1975年成立,並在多倫多,溫哥華和紐約市設有辦事處。 它設計了渥太華的其他建築,例如國家藝術中心和加拿大參議院的臨時住所。

該公司還與當地公司Tod Williams Billie Tsien一起參與了位於林肯中心的紐約愛樂音樂廳的重新設計。



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