Foster + Partners has launched an appeal for the 300-metre-high Tulip tower, which was blocked by London’s mayor Sadiq Khan last year.

The necessary papers were lodged at the City of London Corporation three days before the official six month window to appeal expired, reported Building Design.

Plans for the concrete tower topped by glazed viewing platforms, gondola ride attraction and educational facilities called sky classrooms had originally been approved by the government agency before the mayor used his right to veto.

Khan rejected the design because it was not a piece of “world class architecture that would be required to justify its prominence” and would give “very limited public benefit” to London.

Foster + Partners已對這座300米高的鬱金香大廈發出了呼籲,該大廈於去年被倫敦市長Sadiq Khan封鎖。




British architect Norman Foster has defended his practice’s design for the Tulip, saying the tower will become a “symbol in it’s own right” on the London skyline.

“Like the Gherkin nearly twenty years ago, it is inevitably controversial, like the Gherkin it has the possibility of being a symbol beyond its host city,” said Foster.

英國建築師諾曼·福斯特(Norman Foster)為鬱金香的實踐設計辯護,他說這座塔將成為倫敦天際線的“象徵”。


The project is funded by billionaire Jacob J Safra, who bought the Foster + Partners-designed Gherkin in 2014. Officially called 30 St Mary Axe, the office building won the Royal Institute of British Architect’s Stirling Prize in 2004.

The Tulip would be built on a piece of land next to the 180-metre-high Gherkin, towering over it.

該項目由億萬富翁雅各布·薩弗拉(Jacob J Safra)資助,他於2014年購買了Foster + Partners設計的小黃瓜。該辦公樓正式名為30 St Mary Axe,2004年獲得英國皇家建築師學會斯特靈獎。


Controversy has surrounded The Tulip since the first visuals of the project were released in November 2018.

London City Airport voiced concerns that the tower could disrupt its radars, but an assessment undertaken by NATS (formally National Air Traffic Services) concluded the tower and its gondolas wouldn’t have an impact.

The Greater London Authority (GLA) published a report January 2019 stating that The Tulip was in breach of its guidelines for London, because the viewing elements of the project would not be freely accessible to the public.

The Tulip was originally set to open in 2025. If built, it would be the tallest structure in the City of London.

自2018年11月發布該項目的第一張影像以來,爭議一直圍繞著The Tulip。


大倫敦當局(GLA)於2019年1月發布了一份報告,指出The Tulip違反了其倫敦指南,因為該項目的觀賞元素將無法免費向公眾開放。




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