ROCA London Gallery|ROCA倫敦美術館

Architects: Zaha Hadid Architects
Area:1100.0 m²

建築師:Zaha Hadid建築師

The most recent Roca Gallery to open is in London. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the Roca London Gallery is located in Chelsea Harbour and is 1,100 m2 in size. The leading role is played by the water that, in the words of Zaha Hadid, “acts as a transformer moving, without interruption, through the façade, carving the interior and flowing through the main gallery as drops of water”.

最近要開放的Roca畫廊在倫敦。 由Zaha Hadid Architects設計的Roca倫敦畫廊位於切爾西港口,面積為1100平方米。 用扎哈·哈迪德(Zaha Hadid)的話說,水起著主導作用,“就像變壓器一樣,不間斷地移動穿過立面,雕刻內部並像水滴一樣流過主廊”。

The façade has a series of openings that seek to show the effect of water erosion and a white interior filled with drops of light acting as the backbone of the Roca London Gallery. These drops of water connect the different areas of the space which are part of the Roca London Gallery itself; namely an exhibition of Roca’s most innovative products, the meeting room and the multimedia space, amongst others. Additionally, the interior features the latest technologies which combine with modern audiovisual, sound and lighting equipment to transport the visitor to a truly cutting edge space.

外立面有一系列開口,試圖展示水蝕的效果,白色內部充滿了水滴,這是Roca倫敦美術館的骨幹。 這些水滴將空間的不同區域連接起來,而這些區域是Roca倫敦美術館本身的一部分。 包括Roca最具創新性的產品展覽,會議室和多媒體空間等等。 此外,內部採用了最新技術,並結合了現代視聽,聲音和照明設備,將游客帶到了真正的前沿空間。

Zaha Hadid and her team have created a design that is not just purely visual, it also uses the art of precision and control to help the visitor understand the relationship between the architecture of the space and the design of Roca bathroom products.

Miguel Angel Munar, Senior Managing Director, Roca Bathroom Products Division commented:

“For Roca it is essential to have a presence in a city like London which is a benchmark for design and innovation on a global level. London is also of strategic importance to our future business development since it allows us to be close to our top international distributors and clients. At the Roca London Gallery, Zaha Hadid has perfectly interpreted all our brand values as well as our company philosophy in a singularly exciting and tangible way.”

扎哈·哈迪德(Zaha Hadid)和她的團隊創造的設計不僅是純粹的視覺效果,而且還使用精確和控制的藝術來幫助訪客了解空間建築與Roca浴室產品設計之間的關係。

羅卡衛浴產品部高級董事總經理Miguel Angel Munar評論:

“對於Roca來說,至關重要的是要在像倫敦這樣的城市開展業務,這是全球設計和創新的基準。 倫敦對我們未來的業務發展也具有戰略重要性,因為它使我們能夠接近我們的頂級國際分銷商和客戶。 扎哈·哈迪德(Zaha Hadid)在倫敦Roca倫敦畫廊以令人興奮和切實的方式完美詮釋了我們的所有品牌價值和公司理念。

“Our work imbues architecture with the intricacy and beauty of natural forms. Using a formal language derived from the movement of water, the Roca London Gallery has been eroded and polished by fluidity; generating a sequence of dynamic spaces carved from this fascinating interplay between architecture and nature.”

“我們的工作使建築充滿自然形態的複雜性和美感。 Roca倫敦畫廊使用從水流中汲取的正式語言被流動性侵蝕和磨光。 從建築與自然之間的這種引人入勝的相互作用中雕刻出一系列動態空間。”

Roca‟s commitment to design and innovation is clearly visible in the exterior of the building with its distinctive and unique façade which gives the Roca London Gallery its identity. Three almost organic portals which appear to have been shaped by water erosion open up this space to the city. The movement of water is the overriding theme in the Roca London Gallery – flowing and merging exterior and interior spaces. The interior is sculptured white concrete and its state of the art lighting connects each of the different areas whilst serving as a central axis around which the Roca London Gallery revolves. The interior is fabulous, functional and flexible, featuring cutting-edge, modern, audiovisual, sound and lighting equipment. This technology provides interaction with the brand and the opportunity to discover the company‟s history, its landmark achievements and the values on which all of Roca‟s work is based: the commitment to sustainability and particularly to innovation, design, wellness and saving water.


The Roca London Gallery is intended to be much more than just a display space. Available to an extensive audience that will include everyone from design-savvy architects to design-hungry students, it will become a London hub hosting a wide range of activities such as exhibitions produced in-house or externally, meetings, presentations, seminars and debates, the criteria being a celebration of design in keeping with the Roca brand and company values.

Roca倫敦畫廊的目的不只是展示空間。 面向廣大受眾,包括精通設計的建築師到渴望設計的學生,它將成為倫敦的樞紐,舉辦各種活動,例如內部或外部舉辦的展覽,會議,演示,研討會和辯論會, 該標準是為了慶祝與Roca品牌和公司價值觀保持一致的設計。


FROM:ROCA London Gallery © Zaha Hadid Architects

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