Dive Architects has completed a lake house in an isolated woodland to the north of Stockholm designed to gradually “merge with nature” as the surrounding birch and pine forest grows.

Sitting on a site that slopes down towards a lake, the timber-framed home has been split into two volumes.

Dive Architects已在斯德哥爾摩北部偏僻的林地中建造了一座湖房,旨在隨著周圍的樺樹和松樹林的生長逐漸與自然融合。


One for are for sleeping and another for living are angled inwards around an entrance courtyard.

With the forest to the east and lake to the west, the home is oriented to maximise natural daylight in different areas as the sun moves throughout the day.



“The homeowner can have the morning sun at breakfast and, as the day goes on, enjoy the sunset from the master bedroom,” explained the studio.

“At the meeting point of the two volumes the house is slightly angled forming the main entrance and a sheltered outdoor seating area. This also makes the most of the different views depending on whether you look up to the forest or down to the lake.”



Drawing on the surrounding forest, the wooden frame of home has been clad entirely in planks of treated pine.

These run horizontally on the lower portion of the home and vertically towards the roof.



In the living block, the western and southern edges have been wrapped in large areas of glazing.

This glass slides back to open the space out onto a decked corner terrace.



Smaller windows look out eastwards from this space towards the forest, which allow the morning sun to illuminate a countertop as well as the central kitchen island.

A rendered brick fireplace is a focal point in the combing living and dining room and kitchen.



“The whole setting offers an uncomplicated and relaxing home,” said Dive Architects.

The floorplate steps upwards into the sleeping block, where three guest bedrooms sit along a skylit corridor that leads to the master bedroom.

“整個環境提供了一個簡單而輕鬆的住所,” Dive Architects說。


Set at the home’s northern end, the master bedroom has a large window looking westwards to allow occupants to watch the sunset.


Each bedroom has been given its own individual entrance directly to the outside via a small wooden step and a door concealed in the facade.


The guest rooms also have thin, full-height windows.

Dive Architects was founded in 2001 by la Hjärre and Andy Nettleson in London, prior to moving to Stockholm.


Dive Architects由laHjärre和Andy Nettleson於2001年在倫敦創立,然後才搬到斯德哥爾摩。

Also located in a pine forest is architect Johan Sundberg’s recently completed Sommarhus T, which draws on Japanese architecture to create a rural retreat on Sweden’s south coast.

建築師約翰·桑德伯格(Johan Sundberg)最近完成的Sommarhus T也位於一片松樹林中,該建築物借鑒了日本建築,在瑞典南海岸創建了一個鄉村度假勝地。

Project credits:

Architect: Dive Architects
Contractor: Helob Bygg
Structural engineer: SD Project


承包商:Helob Bygg



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