Los Angeles architect Clive Wilkinson has designed his own family home atop a hilly site to draw cues from nearby modern dwellings that resemble “spaceships on stilts”.

洛杉磯建築師克萊夫·威爾金森(Clive Wilkinson)在丘陵地帶上設計了自己的家庭住宅,以從附近類似“高蹺的太空船”的現代住宅中汲取線索。

Located in West Los Angeles, the property is the home of Wilkinson, his wife, and three children.

“Wilkinson had always yearned for the slightly surreal opportunity of designing his own floating home and finally came across the chance to do so when he found a steep site in west Los Angeles for sale in 2016,” said Clive Wilkinson Architects.



An existing home on the site was removed, along with dense vegetation that had taken hold over the years. “Once the site was cleared, the view revealed itself and it became clear that the design needed to respond directly to and highlight the spectacular scenery of the vast urban landscape below.”

From the street, the building appears to be only two stories tall, matching the height of its neighbours. It is composed of an angular volume covered in black zinc panels that sits above a low-slung sand-blasted concrete level punctuated by a garage door and the entrance.

工地上的一所現有房屋以及多年以來茂密的植被被拆除。 “一旦場地被清理,景觀就會展現出來,而且很明顯,設計需要直接響應並突出下面廣闊的城市景觀的壯觀景色。”

從街道上看,這座建築似乎只有兩層樓高,與鄰居的高度相稱。 它由覆蓋在低鋅噴砂混凝土水平面上方的黑色鋅板覆蓋的角空間組成,低混凝土水平面由車庫門和入口打穿。

The top level is punctuated by a large terrace at the rear of the house. It partially cantilevers out to rest on stilts and provide cover to another outdoor space below.

“An inspiration for the house was the iconic modern homes of Los Angeles that seem to float above the city like spaceships on stilts, perched within the backbone of hills that shape the LA Basin,” said the firm.

頂層位於房子後部的大露台上。 它可以部分地懸在高蹺上,並為下面的另一個室外空間提供遮蓋。


Because of the site’s slope, there is actually a third floor below the first two seen from the street. “The separate levels address the varying needs of the family, as both children and adults have their own territories but can come together for social, recreational and dining needs,” the architect said.

An entrance path goes around the middle level of the home. This route is covered by elements of the upper story, which rests on slanted columns with a metallic finish. It culminates at the wraparound terrace with eastern and southern exposures.

由於場地的坡度,實際上從街道上看到的前兩層下面是第三層。 建築師說:“不同的層次滿足了家庭的不同需求,因為兒童和成年人都有自己的領地,但可以聚在一起滿足社交,娛樂和就餐的需要。”

入口路徑圍繞房屋的中間層。 這條路線被上層建築的元素所覆蓋,該建築坐落在帶有金屬飾面的傾斜立柱上。 它在環繞的露台上達到頂峰,東部和南部都暴露在外面。

Visitors enter the home into the landing of a wooden staircase framed by black panels etched with a geometric, triangulated pattern. It leads up to the communal area or down to the lower level.

At the top of the stairs, the main living area is contained within a tall, faceted space accentuated by sand-blasted douglas fir beams that form the walls and ceiling.

訪客進入房屋,進入木製樓梯的停靠處,該樓梯由刻有幾何三角圖案的黑色面板框住。 它通向公共區域,或通向較低層。


“The living floor is open on its south side and expressed as a large beamed attic space formed entirely in wood,” said Clive Wilkinson Architects. “Kitchen, dining and living all co-exist, orienting to the south view,” the statement continued.

The kitchen runs along one wall of the space and is delineated by an island clad in a richly veined stone, with a breakfast nook at one end. A long dining table with wavy edges is located nearby, for easier access during meals.

克萊夫·威爾金森建築師說:“起居室的地板在南側敞開,表現為一個完全由木材形成的寬闊的閣樓空間。” 聲明繼續說:“廚房,餐廳和生活都並存,面向南。”

廚房沿著該空間的一堵牆延伸,並由一層包裹有豐富脈石的島形輪廓所描繪,一端是早餐角。 附近有一張長長的餐桌,波浪狀的邊緣,方便用餐時使用。

The staircase separates these areas from the living space, which is laid out with several couches and a grand piano.

The study placed to face the street shares a similar language with the communal space but is separated for more privacy. Its windows tilt downwards, providing glimpses of the road below.

At the middle level are Wilkinson’s bedroom suite and a guest bedroom. The master bedroom opens onto a terrace with views of the city.


面對街道的研究與公共空間使用相似的語言,但分開以提供更多的隱私。 它的窗戶向下傾斜,瞥見下面的道路。

中間是威爾金森的臥室套房和客人臥室。 主臥室通向享有城市景觀的露台。

The lower level contains three children’s bedrooms, a home gym, and a recreation area for the kids. The den opens out onto the backyard pool via a large sliding glass door. “The children’s rooms open onto the stone-tiled infinity pool terrace and garden, which extends down the hill,” said Clive Wilkinson Architects.

The two lower storeys are wrapped in sand-blasted concrete, which helps insulate the home and provide thermal mass, thereby reducing the need for heating and cooling. “The exterior of the top floor volume is clad in black zinc panels, emphasising its role as the crow’s nest, or observatory, of the house.”

下層包含三個兒童臥室,一個家庭健身房和一個供兒童使用的休閒區。 書房通過一扇大型滑動玻璃門通向後院游泳池。 克萊夫·威爾金森建築師說:“孩子們的房間通向石頭砌成的無邊泳池露台和花園,花園延伸到山下。”

下兩層用噴砂混凝土包裹,這有助於使房屋隔熱並提供熱量,從而減少了加熱和冷卻的需要。 “頂層建築的外部被黑色鋅板覆蓋,強調了它作為房子的烏鴉巢或天文台的作用。”

Clive Wilkinson founded his eponymous firm in 1991. It has completed several other projects throughout Los Angeles, including a media centre for Santa Monica College, and the offices of video production studio Funny or Die, in West Hollywood.

Further afield, the studio has built new offices for Microsoft’s growing presence in Vancouver, as well as the Manhattan interiors for advertising agency Publicis, which were designed to replace cubicles with comfortable nooks and shared workspaces.

克萊夫·威爾金森(Clive Wilkinson)於1991年成立了他的同名公司。該公司還完成了洛杉磯其他多個項目,包括聖莫尼卡學院的媒體中心以及西好萊塢的視頻製作工作室Funny or Die的辦公室。




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