Dubai Theme Park Landscape Exhibition 阿聯酋迪拜主題公園景觀展覽會

Development time:
2020.03.23 ~ 2020.03.25
Exhibition industry:
Landscape and Amusement Equipment
Hosting cycle:
Once a year
Host address:
UAE-Dubai-Dubai World Trade Centre
Venue Address:
Sheik Zayed Road Convention Gate Dubai UAE-United Arab Emirates
Opening hours:

2020.03.23 ~ 2020.03.25
阿聯酋 – 迪拜 – 阿聯酋迪拜世界貿易中心Dubai World Trade Centre
Sheik Zayed Road Convention Gate Dubai UAE – United Arab Emirates
10:00 – 18:00

The annual DEAL Middle East Dubai theme park exhibition is the oldest entertainment and tourism exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa.

Organized by the IEC, it has successfully held 21 sessions so far. It is expected that the 22nd Dubai Theme Park Exhibition will promote the growth of the Dubai entertainment and leisure industry, with a growth rate of 15% to 20%.

This exhibition will attract hundreds of companies from the Middle East, Africa, the Mediterranean and Asia, and more than 300 leading exhibitors will promote their products at next year’s exhibition, where you can complete millions of dollars Trade, learn about the latest trends and innovations in the industry, share ideas on innovative methods, and make suggestions

Attend a professional seminar on new trends and the future of the industry organized by industry experts. The world market for these playgrounds is estimated to be $ 31.8 billion by 2017

Global Industry Analysis said in its research “Themed Amusement Parks: Global Strategic Business Report”: During this period, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America are ready to witness this unprecedented growth rate.

The Dubai theme park landscape exhibition DEAL is organized by IEC. The exhibition is held once a year. This exhibition is also a very important platform for companies to open the UAE market. The Dubai theme park landscape exhibition DEAL attracted 300 exhibitors in the last session. The number of merchants reached 50,000. The exhibition was held at Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE, and the exhibition area reached 40,000 square meters.






阿聯酋迪拜主題公園景觀展覽會DEAL是由IEC舉辦,展覽會一年一屆,該展會也是企業打開阿聯酋市場非常重要的一個平台,阿聯酋迪拜主題公園景觀展覽會DEAL上屆吸引來自300家參展企業,客商數量達到50000人,展會是在阿聯酋迪拜世界貿易中心Dubai World Trade Centre舉辦,展會面積達到40000平方。

Range of exhibition
Admission System: Tickets; Ticket Checkers; Coins & Currency Counters; Wristbands
Amusement facilities: bumper cars; merry-go-rounds; indoor roller coasters; karts; children’s amusement vehicles; adult amusement vehicles; roller coasters;
Slot machines: game machines; token machines; redemption machines
Computer system and software: Internet technology
Architectural consulting: design / retail consulting; landscape design consulting; maintenance / operation consulting; real estate consulting; service and facility consulting; shopping center consulting
Entertainment: Animation design and production; cartoon companies; cinemas and multi-room movie theaters; digital visual effects software and equipment; entertainment education products; entertainment products; carnival playgrounds and products; gaming computer accessories; game consoles; interactive games; IT peripherals ; Multimedia technology software and hardware; technical software content

入場系統: 門票;檢票器;硬幣&貨幣計數器;腕帶
遊樂設施: 碰碰車;旋轉木馬;室內過山車;卡丁車;小童遊樂車;成人遊樂車;過山車;水上游樂設施
投幣遊戲機: 遊戲機;代幣機;贖回機
計算機系統及軟件: 互聯網技術
建築諮詢: 設計/零售諮詢;景觀設計諮詢;維修/運營諮詢;房產諮詢;服務及設施諮詢;購物中心諮詢
娛樂: 動畫設計與製作;卡通公司;電影院及多廳式影劇院;數碼視覺效果軟件與設備;娛教產品;娛樂產品;嘉年華遊樂場及產品;遊戲電腦配件;遊戲機;互動遊戲;IT外圍設備;多媒體技術軟件及硬件;技術軟件內容



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