Virgin has unveiled plans to build a fully electric, high-speed train that would connect Southern California to Las Vegas by 2023.

Developed by company subsidiary Virgin Trains USA, the 170-mile (273-kilometre) high-speed line will link Las Vegas, Nevada with Victorville, California – a town about an hour-and-a-half drive northeast from Downtown Los Angeles.

Virgin Trains USA revealed that construction is expected to commence this year and complete in 2023 in a presentation to the Board of County Commissioners in December 2019. The dates, however, are currently pending approval from the US Federal Railroad Administration.

News of the timeline comes a month after the state of California approved a $3.25 billion (£2.48 billion) bond request for the project, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal. The train line is expected to cost $4.8 billion (£3.66 billion).


這條170英里(273公里)的高速鐵路線由公司子公司Virgin Trains USA開發,將連接內華達州的拉斯維加斯和加利福尼亞州的維克多維爾–距洛杉磯市中心東北約一小時半的車程的小鎮。

美國維珍火車公司(Virgin Trains USA)透露,該工程預計於今年開始動工,並於2019年12月在縣專員委員會的介紹中於2023年完成。然而,具體日期目前尚待美國聯邦鐵路管理局批准。

根據《拉斯維加斯評論報》(Las Vegas Review Journal)的報導,一個時間表的消息是在加利福尼亞州批准了該項目32.5億美元(24.8億英鎊)的債券申請後一個月。 該鐵路線預計將耗資48億美元(36.6億英鎊)。

Las Vegas and Southern California train to take 90 minutes 拉斯維加斯和南加州火車需要90分鐘

If approved, the line will be constructed along the US north-south highway Interstate 15 (I-15) that passes through much of California, and a track running east-west in Nevada.

Trains will be fully electric and will travel at 180 miles (290 kilometres) per hour and take less than 90 minutes. Virgin Trains USA said the journey will cost less than driving or flying.


火車將全電動運行,每小時將行駛180英里(290公里),耗時不到90分鐘。 美國維珍火車公司說,這次旅行的花費比開車或乘飛機要少。

The eastern end of the line is expected to terminate a mile south of the Las Vegas Strip, which is host to numerous casinos and hotels. Two stations will also be built as part of the project.

Nevada’s Department of Business Director Terry Reynolds said that equipment and materials are already being secured for the scheme, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

該線的東端預計將終止於拉斯維加斯大道以南一英里處,該大道擁有眾多賭場和酒店。 該項目還將建設兩個站。

內華達州商務部主任特里·雷諾茲(Terry Reynolds)表示,根據《拉斯維加斯評論雜誌》的報導,該計劃已經確保了設備和材料的安全。

Project modelled on Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach rail 以邁阿密,勞德代爾堡和西棕櫚灘鐵路為模型的項目

The project is largely based on Virgin’s 70-mile (112-kilometre) system that links Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Known as Brightline, the Florida train is diesel-electric and was completed in January 2018.

Virgin Trains USA, which plans to operate under the name Brightline until the middle of this year, also plans to develop a high-speed rail line from Orlando to Cocoa, Florida – a town on the east coast – which would be built alongside State Road 528.

該項目主要基於維珍航空的70英里(112公里)系統,該系統連接邁阿密,勞德代爾堡和西棕櫚灘。 佛羅里達火車被稱為Brightline,是柴油電動火車,於2018年1月完工。

Virgin Trains USA計劃以Brightline的名稱運營到今年年中,同時還計劃開發一條從奧蘭多到佛羅里達州可可市(東海岸的一個小鎮)的高速鐵路線,該鐵路線將與State Road一起建造 528。

Virgin Group Ltd is a British multinational venture capital company, which also has stakes in international airways Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Galatic for space ventures.

Virgin Hyperloop One is also developing high-speed rail lines that are fully electric on behalf of Virgin. In 2017 a full-size trial was carried out successfully north of Downtown Las Vegas at its DevLoop test site.

Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock unless stated otherwise.


Virgin Hyperloop One還在開發代表Virgin的全電氣化高速鐵路。 2017年,在拉斯維加斯市中心以北的DevLoop測試地點成功進行了全尺寸試驗。




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