A hidden roof terrace and minimal wood-lined interiors are among the features that O’Sullivan Skoufoglou Architects and Cathie Curran have added in an overhaul of this north London house.

Aptly named North London House, the renovation and extension added an attic bedroom, a ground floor studio flat and a private terrace connected to the kitchen and dining room on the first floor, to the home.

It was designed by O’Sullivan Skoufoglou Architects and Curran to provide the client, a family with a young son, with plenty of space to entertain guests, while also meeting their changing needs over time.

O’Sullivan Skoufoglou Architects和Cathie Curran對該倫敦北部房屋進行了大修,其中包括隱蔽的屋頂露台和簡約的木質內飾。

這座經過改建和擴建的公寓被恰當地命名為“北倫敦之家”(North London House),在其一樓增加了一個閣樓臥室,一個底樓小公寓以及一個連接到廚房和餐廳的私人露台。

它是由O’Sullivan Skoufoglou Architects和Curran設計的,旨在為客戶(一個有小兒子的家庭)提供足夠的娛樂空間,同時滿足他們不斷變化的需求。

“As with many London houses, the primary brief requirement was to maximise the floor area,” said Curran and Amalia Skoufoglou, co-founder of O’Sullivan Skoufoglou Architects.

“The client brief included a studio which could be used by a guest or family member as part of the household or let as a fully independent unit,” the pair told. “Futureproofing was a key concern – the studio may equally be required for use by a carer or an elderly person unable to manage stairs.”

“與許多倫敦房屋一樣,主要的簡要要求是最大程度地利用建築面積,” O’Sullivan Skoufoglou Architects聯合創始人Curran和Amalia Skoufoglou說。

這對夫婦說:“客戶簡介中包括一間工作室,客人或家庭成員可以將其用作家庭的一部分,也可以作為完全獨立的單位使用。” “防縮是一個關鍵問題-照料者或無法管理樓梯的老年人可能同樣需要工作室。”

In total, O’Sullivan Skoufoglou Architects and Curran’s intervention has given the four-storey North London House with an extra 26-square-metres of internal space.

These spaces are unified by their light and pared-back finishes that the team has designed to “complement the architectural intent”.

“In this instance the palette was condensed in order to reduce surface disruption and maximise the feeling of space in the new elements,” explained Curran and Skoufoglou.

總體而言,O’Sullivan Skoufoglou Architects和Curran的干預為四層樓的北倫敦大廈提供了額外的26平方米內部空間。



North London House’s new rear extension, which contains the studio, is slotted into the plot where the home’s high-walled garden once was positioned.

As this blocked the existing ground floor windows, the team punctured the extension with a light-brick courtyard on one side that mean natural light can still enter.

North London House的新後擴建部分,其中包括工作室,被放進曾經放置房屋高牆花園的地塊中。


Inside, the studio is lined with white-painted masonry and flush plywood cabinets. These bright finishes are designed to help maximise light inside, which enters through a strip skylight on one side.

在內部,工作室內襯著粉刷成白色的磚石和嵌入式膠合板櫥櫃。 這些明亮的飾面旨在幫助最大化內部光線,該光線從一側的帶狀天窗進入。

To replace the garden that was lost to the rear extension, an 18-square-metre roof terrace is positioned on top of the studio.

O’Sullivan Skoufoglou Architects and Curran has lined this terrace with a series of solid-ash posts that support opaque glazing in order to retain privacy from the windows of the neighbouring houses.


O’Sullivan Skoufoglou Architects和Curran在露台上擺放了一系列實心煙灰柱,這些柱支持不透明的玻璃,以保持鄰近房屋窗戶的私密性。

The terrace is accessed by home’s new kitchen and dining room, which O’Sullivan Skoufoglou Architects and Curran relocated to the first floor to sit in line with the outdoor space.

Forming the heart of the renovation, this layout is designed to maximise space to host as “entertaining friends and family was another major consideration” in the client brief.

露台可通過家庭的新廚房和餐廳進入,O’Sullivan Skoufoglou Architects和Curran將其搬到二樓,與室外空間保持一致。


The finishes in the kitchen and dining room are bolder than the rest of the house, fitted with a mix of materials like marble and brass, as well as furniture pieces including a walnut table by Pinch.

Its focal point is a dark, handmade and hand-stained kitchen unit that is positioned next to the door to the terrace.



At roof level, the house has a new loft bedroom with an adjoining shower-room. This is designed specifically for the client’s child to meet his needs as he grows older.

Here, plywood is used as the single material for the walls, ceiling and floor, concealing flush plywood storage spaces that include a pull-down bed, and broken only by a large dormer window.

在屋頂,房子有一間新的閣樓臥室,還有一間相連的淋浴房。 這是專為服務對象的孩子而設計的,以滿足其年齡的增長。


O’Sullivan Skoufoglou Architects is a London architecture studio founded in 2016 by Jody O’Sullivan and Amalia Skoufoglou.

Other projects by the firm include the interior design of the RÖ Skin shop in Lincolnshire and an extension of a typical terraced home in northwest London with a new timber-lined room that opens onto a brick-paved garden.

O’Sullivan Skoufoglou Architects是由Jody O’Sullivan和Amalia Skoufoglou於2016年成立的倫敦建築工作室。




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