David Adjaye has unveiled visuals of a multifunctional building and public square in Sydney that will be shaded by a perforated metal canopy, designed with Aboriginal artist Daniel Boyd.

The scheme, named Sydney Plaza, will be built by Adjaye Associates in the city’s central business district where the Circular Quay Tower by Foster + Partners is also under construction.

In a bid to spotlight the site’s history as the home of indigenous Eora people, it will be characterised by a giant perforated-steel canopy, which Adjaye Associates designed with Boyd to evoke an Aboriginal dot painting.

大衛·阿賈耶(David Adjaye)展示了悉尼多功能建築和公共廣場的視覺效果,該建築將由原住民藝術家丹尼爾·博伊德(Daniel Boyd)設計的穿孔金屬頂篷遮蔽。

該計劃名為悉尼廣場(Sydney Plaza),將由Adjaye Associates在該市的中央商務區建造,Foster + Partners的環形碼頭塔也正在建設中。

為了突出該地區作為原住民Eora居民的住所的歷史,其特點是巨大的穿孔鋼製簷篷,Adjaye Associates與Boyd共同設計了該簷篷,以喚起原住民點畫。

“An attempt to uncover, layer and celebrate the Eora origins of this part of coastal Sydney, the project is about the reconciliation of cultures and defining identity in an ever changing world,” explained Adjaye Associates.

“This reconciliation of difference lies at the heart of the proposal and aims to articulate and establish dialogue around the complex relationship colonisers have to their indigenous communities.”

Adjaye Associates解釋說:“為揭示,分層和慶祝悉尼沿海地區這一地區的Eora起源,該項目的目的是在不斷變化的世界中實現文化和解並確定身份。”


Sydney Plaza has been designed by Adjaye Associates and Boyd to be made from steel, intended to complement the site’s current industrial aesthetic.

Its circular perforations will be randomly scattered and lined by mirrors that will filter and refract light to create a playful “cosmic” effect on the plaza below.

悉尼廣場(Sydney Plaza)由Adjaye Associates和Boyd設計,由鋼製成,旨在補充該場地當前的工業美學。


The circular motifs seen on the canopy will also adorn the plaza’s paving in the form of steel circles and cylindrical, glass skylights.

Like the canopy, these skylights will extend “the play of light” below ground by filtering natural light into a bicycle facility beneath the plaza.

The plaza’s community building will be distinguished by a pitched roof and “reduced utilitarian form” that references the silhouettes of early settlers’ huts.

Inside, the building will host multi-purpose spaces including an open-plan cafe, a meeting rooms and gallery spaces. It will also feature an elevated terrace that will provide visitor’s views out over the plaza.




在大樓內部,它將容納多功能空間,包括開放式咖啡廳,會議室和畫廊空間。 它還將設有一個高架露台,可在廣場上欣賞遊客的風景。

“Our design proposal ensures a building which is tied to its location and community,” concluded the studio.

“We believe the new community building and George Street public plaza can become a new cherished destination in Sydney’s central business district, a generative place for people to connect, recharge, reflect and take a pause from the rhythm of a fast transforming city.”

We have envisioned a highly interactive environment that connects holistically to its neighbouring buildings and public realm. Our proposal, in addition to the new community building, includes the George Street public plaza, Circular Quay Tower pedestrian bridge as well the integration of the proposed cycle parking facility.

British-Ghanian architect Adjaye founded his studio Adjaye Associates in 2000. Today the practice has offices in both London and New York.

Other recent proposals by the firm include a trio of multifaith temples in Abu Dhabi and the National Cathedral of Ghana in Accra that will have a 5,000-seat auditorium.




英國加納建築師Adjaye於2000年成立了自己的工作室Adjaye Associates。如今,該事務所在倫敦和紐約設有辦事處。




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