Long windows are embedded into the board-marked concrete walls of this residential building in Mexico City’s upscale Polanco area, designed by American architecture firm Studio Rick Joy.

The Tuscon firm designed the five-storey structure, also called Polanco, in collaboration with local studio FRB Arquitectos Asociados.

在美國城市Studio Rick Joy設計的墨西哥城高檔Polanco區域,這座住宅建築的木板牆上長嵌有長窗。

Tuscon公司與當地工作室FRB Arquitectos Asociados合作設計了五層結構,也稱為Polanco。

Made from reinforced cast-in-place concrete, it comprises a pair of two-storey apartment units stacked one on top of the another.

Horizontal markings from timber boards are imprinted across the concrete – an effect known as board-marked concrete – while three differently sized windows puncture its exterior.



Polanco features three atriums within its concrete shell that are planted with vines and lush vegetation to make the most of the lightwells.

“They add greenery and softness to the exposed concrete structure – ensure that daylight reaches the lower levels of the block,” said Studio Rick Joy.


Studio Rick Joy說:“它們為裸露的混凝土結構增添了綠色和柔軟度-確保日光照射到較低的區域。”

Covered outdoor patios are also integrated within the building, and have dense plantings and concrete surrounds.

Polanco takes its name from the neighbourhood in Mexico City where it is located, and joins a number of other contemporary apartment units that have been built on Tennyson street in the past few years.



Other projects nearby are the award-winning Pujol restaurant, a Tierra Garat coffee shop and a showroom for local studio Esrawe led by Mexican designer Hector Esrawe.

附近的其他項目還有屢獲殊榮的Pujol餐廳,Tierra Garat咖啡店以及由墨西哥設計師Hector Esrawe領導的當地工作室Esrawe的陳列室。

A penthouse dwelling spans the top two storeys of Polanco and is complete with a terrace that overlooks the tree-lined neighbourhood. The patio is outfitted with built-in seating arranged around a firepit, as well as a shallow pool.

A sliding glass door provides access to a living room and dining area, while a window offers glimpses into one of the building’s courtyards.

Also on the top floor of the penthouse is a kitchen, bedroom and two bathrooms.

頂層公寓橫跨Polanco的前兩層,並設有可俯瞰綠樹成蔭的社區的露台。 露台配有環繞火爐的內置座椅,以及一個淺水池。



Downstairs are two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms – one also contains a walk-in closet. A den also has a window offering views into another of the building’s hollow spaces.

The two units are accessed via a steel-plated staircase with a brass handrail.

On the ground floor is a garage.

樓下是兩間帶連接浴室的臥室,其中一間還設有步入式衣櫥。 書房還設有一扇窗戶,可欣賞建築物的另一個空心空間的景色。



A double-height outdoor patio connects the inner access of the building with the street, as well as the second apartment unit on the first storey.

Board-marked concrete walls and custom steel-frame windows form the decor inside, with oak wood used on doors, floors, cabinets and ceilings to add a warm touch.



“The apartment uses a restrained material palette informed by local building traditions to produce a sense of deep warmth and experiential softness,” said the studio.

Concrete coffered ceilings feature in some room, while suspended wood ceilings are used in others.



Furniture and textiles are in cream, wood and black tones for a cohesive style, and large golden artworks reflect the light inside.

Studio Rick Joy is based in Tuscon, Arizona and was founded in 1993 by American architect Rick Joy.

In addition to this building, it has also designed a waterfront holiday home in the Caribbean and a New England dwelling with a massive slate roof.


Studio Rick Joy位於美國亞利桑那州塔斯孔,由美國建築師Rick Joy於1993年成立。


Project credits:

Lead architect: Studio Rick Joy
Local architect: FRB Arquitectos Asociados
Landscape and garden design: Entorno Taller de Paisaje
Lighting design: CLL Concept Lighting Lab LLC
Builder: P&G (Rodolfo Padilla and Gilberto Gomez)
Structural engineer: Rodolfo Padilla
Mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineer: IESH Instalaciones
Security: Jorge Walls


首席架構師:Studio Rick Joy
當地建築師:FRB Arquitectos Asociados
景觀設計:Entorno Taller de Paisaje
照明設計:CLL Concept Lighting Lab LLC
製造商:寶潔(Rodolfo Padilla和Gilberto Gomez)
結構工程師:Rodolfo Padilla



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