Architects and designers working across the Americas are now invited to submit their entries to the 2020 edition of the AHEAD Awards.

Championing standout hospitality projects from around the world, the AHEAD Awards focuses on four different regions: the Americas, Asia, Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Europe.

The 2020 AHEAD Americas competition will review projects that have opened, reopened or launched in the continent between November 2018 and December 2019.


AHEAD Awards倡導全球傑出的款待項目,其獎項集中在四個不同的地區:美洲,亞洲,中東和非洲(MEA)和歐洲。


The Siren Hotel was named as Hotel of the Year at the 2019 AHEAD Americas|The Siren Hotel被2019 AHEAD美洲年度酒店評為年度最佳酒店

Submissions will be arranged into 15 categories: Bar, Club or Lounge; Event Spaces; Guestrooms; Hotel Conversion; Hotel New Build; Hotel Renovation & Restoration; Landscaping & Outdoor Spaces; Lobby & Public Spaces; Lodges & Tented Camps; Resort Hotel; Restaurant; Spa & Wellness; Suite; Transport and Visual Identity.

提交內容將分為15類:酒吧,俱樂部或休息室; 活動空間; 客房; 酒店轉換; 新建酒店; 酒店裝修及修復; 園林綠化和室外空間; 大堂和公共空間; 小屋和帳篷營地; 度假酒店; 餐廳; 水療與養生; 套房; 運輸和視覺識別。

The judging panel praised the Detroit hotel for preserving original features|評審團稱讚底特律酒店保留了原有特色

Projects will then be scrutinised by a panel of industry experts that the AHEAD team feels represents the “wide spectrum of disciplines involved in delivering new hotels”.

Judges last year included Studio Tack’s creative director, Jou-Yie Chou, managing partner of Yabu Pushelberg, Johnathan Garrison, and partner of Rockwell Group, Greg Keffer.


去年的評委包括Studio Tack的創意總監Jou-Yie Chou,Yabu Pushelberg的執行合夥人Johnathan Garrison和Rockwell Group的合夥人Greg Keffer。

Los Angeles’ Gold-Diggers hotel – which has its own music studio – was also a 2019 winner|洛杉磯的淘金者酒店-擁有自己的音樂工作室-也是2019年獲獎者

Winners will be announced at a June 2020 ceremony at the OMA-designed Faena Forum in Miami.


First-place projects in the 2019 edition of the AHEAD Americas included Solaz Los Cabos, a resort hotel in Mexico that’s surrounded by luscious greenery, and Gold-Diggers, a sultry hotel in LA that has its own recording studio.

2019年AHEAD美洲地區的頭等項目包括墨西哥的度假酒店Solaz Los Cabos,周圍環繞著美麗的綠色植物,以及洛杉磯的悶熱酒店Gold-Diggers,擁有自己的錄音室。

Solaz Los Cabos also took home an award in the 2019 AHEAD Americas|Solaz Los Cabos還獲得了2019 AHEAD美洲大獎

The much sought-after Hotel of the Year title was won by The Siren Hotel in Detroit, which is in a 1920s office building.

Judges praised the project for its preservation of historical details and said it “creates a fantasy of what Detroit could be”.

底特律的The Siren Hotel贏得了最受歡迎的年度酒店稱號,該酒店位於1920年代的辦公大樓內。


The Mexican resort hotel is surrounded by an abundance of greenery |墨西哥度假酒店四周綠樹環繞

Entries to the AHEAD Americas cost $250 (plus VAT) for the first project and $99 (plus VAT) for additional submissions. Champions will go on to contend against winners from other regions in a Global Biennale, where worldwide titles are awarded.

參加AHEAD Americas的第一個項目的費用為250美元(加增值稅),其他提交項目的費用為99美元(加增值稅)。 冠軍將在全球雙年展上與來自其他地區的優勝者進行爭奪,在那裡將頒發全球冠軍。



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