Hong Kong Disneyland – Orbitron 香港迪士尼樂園-太空飛碟

Pilot your very own flying saucer high above Tomorrowland amid a glistening galaxy of orbiting planets.


Steer a sleek spaceship into the farthest reaches of outer space. As the newest star pilot to join the fleet, the time has come for you to take to the sky in an unforgettable adventure that will launch you deep into the universe.

After receiving your boarding pass from Ground Control, make your way to your assigned multi-passenger spacecraft and prepare for launch. Then, hold on tight as your saucer levitates and begins a series of rapid revolutions around a constellation of planets inspired by centuries-old astronomical designs—the sights and sounds of Tomorrowland whizzing by in the distance!

Steer Through the Galaxy
As the front-row commander of your own spaceship, you are in control of your flight. Direct how high you fly by moving a lever inside the ship. Additionally, astronauts can initiate sound effects by pressing buttons inside the saucer.

將光滑的宇宙飛船帶入最外層空間。 作為加入機隊的最新恆星飛行員,是時候讓您踏上難忘的冒險之旅,將您帶入宇宙深處。

從地面管制站收到登機牌後,進入分配的多人航天器並準備發射。 然後,緊緊抓住飛碟,在一個由數百年曆史的天文學設計啟發而來的行星群中開始一系列快速旋轉-遠處的明日之聲wh繞而過!

作為您自己太空飛船的前排指揮官,您可以控制自己的飛行。 通過在船內移動槓桿來指示您的飛行高度。 此外,宇航員可以通過按飛碟內部的按鈕來啟動聲音效果。

In March 1956, the Astro Jets opened in Tomorrowland at Disneyland in California. A precursor to Orbitron, this classic attraction featured 2-passenger, retro-inspired rockets that ascended and circled a bright red pylon. While advances in the space program may have altered the look and feel of the attraction over the years, the desire to soar through space has never waned. Today, a version of Orbitron exists at every Disneyland-style park worldwide.

1956年3月,Astro噴氣式飛機在加利福尼亞迪斯尼樂園的Tomorrowland開業。 這個經典的景點是Orbitron的前身,特色是帶有2乘客,復古風格的火箭,升起並繞過明亮的紅色塔架。 多年來,儘管太空計劃的進步可能已經改變了吸引力的外觀和感覺,但飛躍太空的願望從未消退。 如今,全球每個迪士尼樂園風格的公園都擁有一個Orbitron版本。

FROM:[4K] Orbitron : Hong Kong Disneyland

FROM:Orbitron Onride @ Disneyland Hong Kong 2019


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