Hong Kong Disneyland – Mad Hatter Tea Cups 香港迪士尼樂園 – 瘋帽子旋轉杯

Spin ‘round and ‘round in a giant teacup that you control during a madcap music-filled adventure.


Pour yourself into an oversized pastel teacup and rotate madly amid a menagerie of color and sound. Celebrate your “un-birthday” in Wonderland as you glide and spin back and forth beneath a windswept canopy of nearly 50 paper lanterns, as festive music from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland fills the air.

The Tea Cups
Each teacup holds up to 4 Guests—there are 18 decorative cups in all. As the fun begins, the cups swirl atop 3 separate turntables, which are mounted on one large turntable. It’s a crazy kind of contraption you’d half expect to find somewhere in Wonderland!

將自己倒入一個超大的粉彩茶杯中,然後在色彩和聲音的混雜中瘋狂旋轉。 迪斯尼的《愛麗絲夢遊仙境》中的節日音樂充滿了空氣,您將在仙境中的“生日”來慶祝,當您滑行並在將近50個紙燈籠的大風天幕下來迴旋轉時,

每個茶杯最多可容納4位客人-共有18個裝飾杯。 隨著樂趣的開始,杯子在3個單獨的轉盤上旋轉,這些轉盤安裝在一個大轉盤上。 您可能會在仙境的某個地方發現這種瘋狂的裝置!

A wheel in the center of the teacup lets you control the direction and speed of your spin. If you decide you want a wild ride, simply turn the wheel fast and hold on. If you want a gentler ride, you may opt to not turn the wheel at all.

Please be aware that although you can control the spinning, your teacup automatically rotates on the platform deck.

茶杯中心的輪子可讓您控制旋轉的方向和速度。 如果您決定要瘋狂騎行,只需快速轉動方向盤並保持不動即可。 如果您想輕柔地騎行,可以選擇完全不轉動方向盤。


You can easily snap a photo of a loved one inside a Mad Hatter tea cup. There’s a stationary cup replica located in front of the attraction. It’s ideal for capturing and sharing pictures to memorialize your Fantasyland visit in Hong Kong Disneyland Park.

您可以在Mad Hatter茶杯中輕鬆拍攝親人的照片。 景點前面有一個固定的杯子復製品。 非常適合拍攝和共享照片,以紀念您在香港迪士尼樂園的夢幻樂園之旅。

Mad Hatter Tea Cups is inspired by the “Mad Tea Party” scene in Walt Disney’s animated classic Alice in Wonderland. Featuring the same resplendent floral colors, wacky architectural flourishes and objects of disproportionate size as seen in the movie, this timeless attraction places you in the middle of all the kooky mayhem.

Today, some incarnation of the attraction exists at every Disneyland-style park around the world.

瘋帽匠茶杯的靈感來自迪斯尼動畫經典動畫片《愛麗絲夢遊仙境》中的“瘋茶派對”場景。 與電影中一樣,花色同樣絢爛,古怪的建築風格和不成比例的物體,這種永恆的吸引力將您帶入所有怪異的混亂之中。


FROM:[4K] Mad Hatter Tea Cups : Hong Kong Disneyland

FROM:Hong Kong Disneyland – Mad Hatter Tea Cups HD (2015)


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