Hong Kong Disneyland – It’s a small world 香港迪士尼樂園 – “小小世界”

Cast off on a whimsical boat ride past a joyful congregation of singing children from around the globe.


Written and composed by an Academy Award®-winning team of brothers, the song ‘it’s a small world’ is a timeless classic.

Composers Richard and Robert Sherman came to the conclusion that a single musical theme was the way to bring the song and attraction together, thus reinforcing the larger message of cultural unity and harmony. As you navigate the Seven Seaways, “it’s a small world” is lovingly sung by the children in their native languages—including English, Cantonese, Putonghua, Tagalog, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.

The Story Behind the Song
Originally, Walt Disney envisioned the world’s children singing the national anthem from each country they represented. But he quickly discovered that everyone singing a different tune resulted in a musical cacophony. Walt asked the Sherman brothers, who were hard at work on Mary Poppins, to create a singular song that could be sung by all of the children in their own language. The result was “it’s a small world”—one of the most well-known songs of all time.

The Cantonese lyrics for “it’s a small world” were written by legendary Chinese lyricist James Wong more than 30 years ago; today, they are still lovingly sung by kids and adults throughout China and Hong Kong.


作曲家理查德(Richard)和羅伯特·謝爾曼(Robert Sherman)得出的結論是,單一的音樂主題是將歌曲和吸引力融合在一起的方式,從而增強了文化統一與和諧的更大信息。當您在“七大海上航行”中航行時,孩子們以母語(包括英語,廣東話,普通話,他加祿語,韓語,日語,意大利語,西班牙語和瑞典語)深情地唱著“這是一個小世界”。

最初,沃爾特·迪斯尼(Walt Disney)設想世界各地的孩子們在他們代表的每個國家/地區演唱國歌。但是他很快發現,每個人演唱不同的曲調都會導致音樂上的刺耳。沃爾特要求在瑪麗·波平斯(Mary Poppins)上努力工作的謝爾曼(Sherman)兄弟創作一首單曲,所有孩子都可以用他們自己的語言演唱。結果就是“這是一個很小的世界”,這是有史以​​來最著名的歌曲之一。

粵語歌詞“這是一個小世界”是由中國傳奇抒情家黃宗憲(James Wong)三十多年前創作的;時至今日,在中國大陸和香港,它們仍然深受孩子和成年人的喜愛。

Walt Disney selected Mary Blair as an art director and Alice Davis as the costumer to bring “it’s a small world” to life.

Art Direction
With her distinctive use of color, geometric shapes and simple, child-like art style, Mary Blair was known for her visual aesthetic—felt in every aspect, in every nation, of “it’s a small world.” As you glide through the many scenes, colored paper in bold hues vividly create collages of some of the world’s most beloved countries, giving you the impression of sailing through a classic children’s book.

Authentic Attire
Under the direction of designer Alice Davis (and her husband Marc Davis), Disney seamstresses gathered and sewed every inch of clothing to create a faithful portrayal of each nation’s traditional attire. That’s over 300 outfits in all! Authentic materials were used for each region, from silks for the saris of India to fine wool for the Scottish bagpiper.

沃爾特·迪斯尼(Walt Disney)選擇瑪麗·布萊爾(Mary Blair)為藝術總監,並選擇愛麗絲·戴維斯(Alice Davis)為追求者,將“小世界”變為現實。

瑪麗·布萊爾(Mary Blair)以獨特的色彩,幾何形狀和簡單的,類似於兒童的藝術風格而著稱,以她的視覺美學而著稱-在每個國家的每個方面都感覺到“這是一個很小的世界”。 場景中,用大膽色調的彩色紙生動地繪製了一些世界上最受喜愛的國家的拼貼畫,給您留下了一本瀏覽經典兒童讀物的印象。

在設計師愛麗絲·戴維斯(Alice Davis)(和她的丈夫馬克·戴維斯(Marc Davis))的指導下,迪斯尼的裁縫師們聚集並縫製了每一英寸的衣服,以真實地描繪每個國家的傳統服裝。 總共有300多個服裝! 每個地區都使用地道的材料,從印度紗麗的絲綢到蘇格蘭風笛的上等羊毛。


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