Hong Kong Disneyland – Fairy Tale Forest – presented by PANDORA 香港迪士尼樂園 – 童話森林 – 由PANDORA呈獻

Take a journey through this whimsical garden featuring classic Disney Fairytales as living storybooks.


Explore the enchanted Fairy Tale Forest where scenes from some of your favorite princess fairy tales come to life in a magical garden setting beautifully crafted in miniature scale. Discover magical storybooks, interactive music boxes, castles, towers and caves along a winding path through colorful meadows, an ancient forest, European gardens and a whimsical sea inspired landscape.

探索迷人的童話森林,在一些精心製作的微型縮影般神奇的花園中,將您最喜歡的公主童話故事中的場景變為現實。 沿著蜿蜒的小徑,穿過五彩繽紛的草地,古老的森林,歐洲花園和異想天開的海洋景觀,探索神奇的故事書,互動音樂盒,城堡,塔樓和洞穴。

The more you look, listen and play, the more magic you’ll discover in the forest! Look out for the classic Disney tales of Tangled, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and The Little Mermaid. You may even come face-to-face with Tinker Bell!

您看,聽和玩的次數越多,在森林中發現的魔法就越多! 留意迪士尼的經典故事,其中包括《魔發奇緣》,《白雪公主與七個小矮人》,《美女與野獸》,《灰姑娘》和《小美人魚》。 您甚至可以與Tinker Bell面對面!


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