Hong Kong Disneyland – Dumbo the Flying Elephant 香港迪士尼樂園 – 小飛象旋轉世界

Soar high in the sky on a fanciful flight above Fantasyland with Dumbo.


The original Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction premiered at Disneyland Park in California in August, 1955. Early concept sketches starred a ring of pink elephants, like those seen during the “Pink Elephants on Parade” sequence in the classic film. Later, however, the elephants were redesigned to look more like Dumbo in a circus costume, flying high.

A favorite attraction for over 50 years, a version of Dumbo the Flying Elephant is in every Disneyland-style park around the world.

1955年8月,最初的飛像小飛象(Dumbo)飛行像在加利福尼亞州的迪斯尼樂園公園首映。早期的概念草圖由一圈粉紅像擔任主角,就像在經典電影中的“遊行中的粉紅像”中所看到的那樣。 但是,後來大象經過重新設計,看起來更像是穿著馬戲團服裝的小飛象,飛得很高。


You can easily snap a picture of a loved one with Dumbo. There’s a replica of the Dumbo gondola located just next to the main attraction. It’s ideal for getting the perfect snapshot to remember your Hong Kong Disneyland Park experience forever.

您可以使用Dumbo輕鬆拍攝親人的照片。 在主要景點旁邊有一個小飛艇吊船的複製品。 這是獲取完美快照以永久記住您香港迪士尼樂園公園體驗的理想選擇。

FROM:[4K] Dumbo the Flying Elephant: Hong Kong Disneyland

FROM:Mickey Mouse on the Dumbo the Flying Elephant Ride | Hong Kong Disneyland


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