British practice Heatherwick Studio has designed a glass lobby to link its High Line-straddling condo towers with a scooped roof that “barely touches” the park above.

Thomas Heatherwick’s studio unveiled the Lobby Pavilion today, to follow the release of new renderings and the project’s name Lantern House earlier this year.

The structure will link the two towers that are currently are under construction on either side of the High Line park, at 515 West 18th Street in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighbourhood.

Stepped glass panels that range in height from 10 to 25 feet (three to seven metres) will form the longer walls of the pavilion, and dip down in the middle. A coppery coloured metal-seam roof will be placed on top and curve up around the railway track that form the structure of the High Line.

英國的赫瑟威克工作室(Heatherwick Studio)設計了一個玻璃大廳,將高架跨界的公寓樓與“幾乎不碰”上方公園的拱形屋頂相連。

托馬斯·希瑟威克(Thomas Heatherwick)的工作室今天宣布了大堂館,以跟隨今年初發布的新效果圖和該項目的名稱“燈籠屋”。


台階玻璃面板的高度從10到25英尺(3到7米)不等,將形成亭子的長壁,並在中間向下傾斜。 銅色的金屬縫製屋頂將被放置在頂部,並在形成高線結構的鐵軌周圍彎曲。

“People love to live in memorable places,” said Heatherwick. “As the High Line’s amazing riveted steel structure goes straight through the middle of our site, we knew we mustn’t miss the chance to borrow all its texture and character to make an idiosyncratic arrival experience for the building’s residents.”

“To not compete with the soulful materiality of this historic piece of infrastructure, we designed a lobby that barely touches it and is slung from the east building to the west, with a roof structure that gently drapes, like a piece of textile,” he added.

The interior of the 1,900-square-foot (177-square-metre) lobby will be punctured by a pair of chunky columns belonging to the High Line. Inside, the firm has chosen finishes to complement the existing detail, such as a pale ceiling and chevron marble flooring.

希瑟威克說:“人們喜歡生活在令人難忘的地方。” “隨著高架線令人驚嘆的鉚接鋼結構直接穿過我們的場地中間,我們知道我們一定不能錯過借用其所有質地和特徵為建築居民帶來獨特體驗的機會。”

他說:“為了不與這種歷史悠久的基礎設施的靈魂實質競爭,我們設計了一個幾乎不接觸它的大廳,它從東樓向西傾斜,其屋頂結構像一塊紡織品一樣輕輕垂懸。” 添加。

1900平方英尺(177平方米)大廳的內部將被一對屬於高線的矮矮柱所刺穿。 在內部,公司選擇了飾面來補充現有的細節,例如淺天花板和人字形大理石地板。

“With the legs of the High Line lacing through, we hope that the lobby will provide a special welcome for residents and importantly, create a sense of returning home to a place like no other,” Heatherwick said.

Other details include a cast glass and bronze metal reception desk, which is reminiscent of the shape of the bulging windows, as well as furniture pieces from locally based Studio van den Akker.


其他細節包括鑄玻璃和青銅金屬接待台,讓人聯想到凸出的窗戶的形狀,以及來自當地Studio van den Akker的家具。

Lantern House is Heatherwick’s first residential project in the US, and was first unveiled last year.

Little information had been provided about the project until October 2017, when developer Related Companies launched a website with extra design details and the project’s name, Lantern House – which takes its cues from the shape of the windows.

The two towers will rise to different heights – one will be 10 stories high and the other will reach 22 stories – and have a gridded exterior formed by hand-laid antiqued grey brickwork and metal. Heatherwick Studio said it chose the materials to draw on the industrial aesthetic of warehouses in the surrounding Chelsea neighbourhood.

Lantern House是Heatherwick在美國的第一個住宅項目,去年首次亮相。

直到2017年10月,有關該項目的信息很少,當時開發商Related Companies推出了一個網站,提供了更多的設計細節和項目名稱Lantern House,該項目的靈感來自窗戶的形狀。

兩座塔將升至不同的高度-一個塔高10層,另一座塔高22層-並具有由手工鋪設的仿古灰色磚砌和金屬製成的網格狀外觀。 Heatherwick Studio說,它選擇了這種材料來借鑒切爾西周邊社區倉庫的工業美學。

It will include 181 residential units that will have ceilings that reach over 10 feet (three metres) high to match the windows. The residences will come in a variety of layouts, including one to four bedroom suites and penthouses. Sales will commence early next year, with prices for condominiums expected to start at $1.7 million (£1.39 million).

Lantern House will join a series projects the designer has created for New York’s West Side, including The Vessel at Hudson Yards, towards the northern end of the High Line, the and Pier 55 park on Hudson River, which was renamed Little Island last month.

Renderings are courtesy of Related Companies.

它將包括181個住宅單元,這些住宅的天花板高度將超過10英尺(三米),與窗戶相匹配。 這些住宅將採用多種佈局,包括一到四個臥室的套房和頂層公寓。 銷售將於明年初開始,公寓的價格預計為170萬美元(139萬英鎊)。





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