German designers Elmgreen and Dragset have installed a sculpture that looks like an U-shaped swimming pool outside the Miami Beach Convention Center.


Unveiled as part of this year’s Miami design week events, the 20-foot-high (six-metre-high) Bent Pool comprises a matte-white lacquered rim that resembles a pool’s edge and a turquoise interior meant to convey the basin.

With Miami and Miami Beach among a number of coastal cities threatened by rising sea levels caused by the climate crisis and already prone to flooding, Elmgreen and Dragset created the surreal sculpture to raise awareness about the region’s changing landscape in the face of the climate crisis.



“Miami Beach is an area that has seen a rise in extreme weather and flooding; its landscape is in flux,” Elmgreen and Dragset said.

“Bent Pool encourages us to think about how we normally interact with our surroundings: how accessible or inaccessible they appear.”

Other elements that aid a realistic appearance, despite the warped shape, are circular lights that glow at night, a stainless steel ladder and a turquoise diving board.


“ Bent Pool鼓勵我們考慮一下我們通常如何與周圍環境互動:它們出現的可及性或不可及性。”


“Identified by details such as its ladder, its diving board and pool lamps, the abstracted object can easily be recognised as a swimming pool even though its bowed shape prevents it from carrying water,” the studio added.

Curved pieces of aluminium were used to create the unusual structure, with the two ends resting atop a concrete plinth. “Bent Pool is shaped like an inverted “U” and stands upright on a two-tier plinth,” the studio said. “The pool seems to have somehow been lifted out of the ground and stretched into a curved form.”


彎曲的鋁片用於創建不尋常的結構,其兩端均擱在混凝土底座上。 工作室說:“彎水池的形狀像倒置的“ U”形,直立在兩層基座上。” “游泳池似乎已經以某種方式被抬離地面,並伸展成彎曲的形狀。”

The archway at the sculpture’s centre also forms a narrow opening designed to accommodate only one individual at a time.

Simple geometric forms, prefabricated objects and vibrant imagery taken from Pop Art and conceptualism informed the design, however, the studio constructed all of the sculpture’s individual pieces.



“The work draws on the minimalist reductive tradition and use of geometric forms, as much as it does on Pop Art and conceptualism’s use of ready-made objects and imagery,” the designers added. “Yet, on closer inspection, one will discover that this is not an altered ready-made, but a carefully crafted object.”

Bent Pool is the final piece in a series of permanent site-specific works of public art commissioned by Miami’s Art in Public Places Program to be installed on the grounds of the city’s convention centre. Collectively the six permanent installations comprise the largest public art project placed on a single site in the United States.

設計師補充說:“作品借鑒了極簡主義的還原傳統和幾何形式的使用,就像波普藝術和概念主義對現成物品和圖像的使用一樣。” “但是,在仔細檢查後,人們會發現這不是經過改裝的現成物品,而是精心製作的物品。”

彎曲池是邁阿密的公共場所藝術計劃委託在公共場所舉行的一系列永久性永久性公共藝術作品的最後一件作品,該作品將被安裝在城市會議中心。 六個永久性裝置共同構成了放置在美國單個地點上的最大的公共藝術項目。

The permanent installation was unveiled to coincide with Miami art week, which comprises Art Basel and Design Miami events. As part of the activities, artist Leandro Erlich created a sand-covered traffic jam on Miami beach to similarly raise awareness about climate change.

Elmgreen and Dragset was establised by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset in 1995. Its offices are located in Berlin. The duo has previously installed commissioned art in notable locations around the world, including Powerless Structures Fig. 101 located in London’s Trafalgar Square and Van Gogh’s Ear in New York’s Rockefeller Plaza.

永久裝置的揭幕時間與邁阿密藝術周同時舉行,邁阿密藝術週包括Art Basel和Design Miami活動。 作為活動的一部分,藝術家Leandro Erlich在邁阿密海灘上創建了一個被沙覆蓋的交通擁堵,以同樣地提高人們對氣候變化的認識。

Elmgreen和Dragset於1995年由Michael Elmgreen和Ingar Dragset創立。其辦公室位於柏林。 這對二人組此前曾在世界各地的著名地點安裝了委託藝術品,包括位於倫敦特拉法加廣場的無力結構圖101和位於紐約洛克菲勒廣場的梵高的耳朵。



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