Hong Kong Disneyland – Toy Soldier Parachute Drop 香港迪士尼樂園 – 玩具士兵降落傘

Drop from the sky with the Toy Soldiers from Toy Story during a parachuting drill with thrills!


As the newest recruit to join the squadron, your basic training is about to begin.

Welcome to Fort Emery, the military base that’s actually a toy soldier play set. Andy, the boy from the Toy Story films, was putting the soldiers through parachuting drills before he left to go play somewhere else. Now that he’s gone, the soldiers have continued to learn how to skydive; and now that you’ve arrived, it’s your turn to train.

Take the Plunge
March in line past a World War II jeep to an open-air supply warehouse filled with stacked crates, cabinets and barrels. When given the go-ahead, step outside onto the training ground and board a 6-person parachute jump vehicle—canopied in camouflage green—and strap yourself in for the upcoming drill.

As the familiar voice of Sarge barks out safety instructions, float up a 25-meter-tall parachute tower. At the top, take in sweeping views of Toy Story Land—and glimpse nearby Mystic Manor and Grizzly Gulch—before suddenly dropping to the ground and then back up in a series of exhilarating aerial exercises. Feel the wind race across your face as you descend and ascend again and again—and experience the floating feeling of dropping from the sky with a parachute.

Are you brave enough to become an official paratrooper? The Toy Soldiers want you!


歡迎來到埃默里堡(Fort Emery),這是一個軍事基地,實際上是玩具士兵的玩具組合。玩具總動員》電影中的男孩安迪(Andy)在離開去其他地方玩遊戲之前,正在帶領士兵們進行跳傘演習。現在他已經走了,士兵們繼續學習如何跳傘;現在您已經到了,該輪到您了。


當熟悉的薩爾格(Sarge)聲音發出安全說明時,請在25米高的降落傘塔上漂浮。在頂部,一覽無餘的“玩具總動員樂園”(Toy Story Land),並瞥見附近的Mystic Manor和Grizzly Gulch,然後突然掉到地上,然後進行一系列令人振奮的空中練習。當您下降並一次又一次上升時,感覺到您的臉在劃過風,並體驗用降落傘從天上掉下來的漂浮感。


FROM:[4K] Toy Soldier Parachute Drop : Hong Kong Disneyland

FROM:Hong Kong Disneyland – Toy Soldier Parachute Drop


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