Hong Kong Disneyland – RC Racer 香港迪士尼 – 沖天遙控車

Hop aboard RC for a thrilling, gravity-defying race, speeding back and forth on a soaring U-shaped track.


Experience RC’s astounding driving abilities as you careen up and down a steep 27-meter-tall, half-pipe roadway.

Andy, the boy from the Disney•Pixar Toy Story films, was playing with his favorite green remote-controlled car, RC, on a racetrack he constructed with his toys. But now that Andy’s away, RC just can’t stop—he loves to ride back and forth all day long. The time has come for you to join in the fun!

Ready! Set! Go!
Wind your way along a slot-car-track walkway and enter a polished toy garage, the pit stop for your high-flying drive. Climb aboard a 20-person vehicle, strap yourself in and listen as Woody, Buzz and Jessie prepare you for your upcoming joyride. Then, the signal is given, and you’re off!

Hold on as RC accelerates forward and backward—up and down—on a towering U-shaped racetrack. Get swept up in the thrill of defying gravity as you’re propelled higher and higher in the sky, the rev of your remote control car’s engine rumbling every step of the way.

Take in sweeping vertical views from the top of the racetrack—the highest point in Toy Story Land—and relive the climactic moment in the original Toy Story movie, when Woody and Buzz rode RC to catch up with Andy and all of their friends. After a series of exhilarating half-revolutions, your rambunctious ride slows to an end. You’re an RC racer!






FROM:RC Racer Hong Kong Disneyland. 遙控賽車香港迪士尼樂園。

FROM:RC Racer Roller Coaster POV Hong Kong Disneyland Toy Story Ride


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