Shanghai Disneyland-TRON Realm, Chevrolet Digital Challenge上海迪士尼樂園 – TRON Realm,雪佛蘭數字挑戰賽

Discover an interactive wonderland where cyber drivers experience the fusion of Chevrolet vehicles with cutting-edge technology from the world of TRON.


One small step for car design, one giant leap for virtual vehicles! Enter a state-of-the-art digital arena where Guests can invent, compete and push the limits of terrestrial science with next generation vehicles.

Inspired by the inventor Sam Flynn, Chevrolet engineers made it possible to bring TRON technology off the Grid and into our world. They’ve developed the Gridiron – a computer system that allows Users to create cutting-edge vehicles, replicate physical environments and experience performance without real-world prototyping.

The TRON Realm, Chevrolet Digital Challenge is your portal into the world of TRON, where impossible challenges connect with reality in 3 unique interactive zones!

Create Zone
The signature design experience, Advanced Vehicle Design, allows guests to design one-of-a-kind cars and see their dream machines materialize on an overhead display called the “Hypervisor.” Look to Qing Yi – a dynamic Light Runner-style ride that’s the star of the show – for inspiration.

Imagine Zone
Swipe your unique Identity Disc in one of 10 “Equipment Evolution” stations to gather and evolve technologies that power up other activities. In “Rez Up!” try on a specially designed Light Suit to connect with Ling Si, Chevrolet’s vision for a new class of intelligent electric vehicles. Advanced technology automates driving, parking and retrieval—look inside the car to find a very familiar face!

Drive Zone
Take a virtual spin on one of TRON’s most tricked-out dream rides and accept the “Ultimate Challenge” of the TRON system, on or off the Grid. From the cockpit of a Chevrolet-inspired “Drive Pod,” race past opponents remotely via a driving simulator that puts your senses to the test.
Still feel the need for hyper-speed? Get up close and photo-ready with Guang Suo, a supersonic, light jet-propelled cruiser that’s big on speed, power and performance.


在發明家山姆·弗林(Sam Flynn)的啟發下,雪佛蘭的工程師使TRON技術脫離了電網並進入了我們的世界成為可能。他們開發了Gridiron,這是一種計算機系統,可讓用戶創建最先進的車輛,複製物理環境並體驗性能,而無需進行實際的原型製作。


標誌性的設計體驗“高級車輛設計”使客人能夠設計出一輛獨一無二的汽車,並在名為“ Hypervisor”的頭頂顯示器上看到他們夢想中的機器。表演的明星-靈感來源。

在10個“設備演變”站之一中刷您獨特的身份光盤,以收集和發展可推動其他活動的技術。在“ Rez Up!”中,試穿特別設計的輕便服,將其與雪佛蘭對新型智能電動汽車的願景“凌思”聯繫起來。先進的技術使駕駛,泊車和取物自動化—在車內看時會發現非常熟悉的面孔!

虛擬體驗TRON最受騙的夢想之旅之一,並在網格上或網格外接受TRON系統的“終極挑戰”。從受雪佛蘭(Chevrolet)啟發的“ Drive Pod”駕駛艙中,通過駕駛模擬器遠程超越對手,使您的感官得到檢驗。
仍然感到需要超速嗎?擁有超音速,輕型噴氣推進巡洋艦Guang Suo,近距離拍攝並為照片做好準備,它具有極高的速度,功率和性能。

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