Shanghai Disneyland-Stitch Encounter 上海迪士尼-太空幸會史迪奇

Aloha! Come visit Stitch! He’s been spotted at the United Galactic Federation Stitch Tracking Station. Here you get to talk to the blue, Mischievous alien, and you’re sure to get a good laugh!

阿羅哈! 快來拜訪Stitch! 他在美國銀河聯合會縫跡追踪站被發現。 在這裡,您可以與藍色調皮的外星人交談,您一定會笑到!

Sit back and video chat with Experiment 626 as the mischievous animated alien turns the Galactic Federation upside down. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the Monitoring Station for a friendly face-to-face, Gantu gets word that Stitch is on the loose and not where he’s supposed to be—yakking with you via satellite from his home in Hawaii.

Seems like everyone’s favorite blue cosmic monster has “borrowed” Gantu’s ship for an impromptu trip. Thanks to powerful tracking devices, Crisis Command pinpoints his whereabouts and establishes interstellar communication. Stitch is happy to talk, tell jokes and play games with all his new friends, despite knowing the Federation’s hot on his trail.

After receiving an alert that Gantu’s boarding the ship, our furry little friend needs to find his space cruiser fast. Will Stitch escape and return home to his “ohana” before the Captain closes in? Find out by embarking on an extraterrestrial trek that takes you from one end of the wacky galaxy to the next!



在收到有關Gantu登船的警報後,我們毛茸茸的小朋友需要快速找到自己的太空巡洋艦。船長關閉前,史迪仔會逃脫並回到他的“ ohana”嗎?踏上外星探險之旅,將您從古怪銀河系的一端帶到另一端,找出答案!

FROM:Stitch Encounter Shanghai Disneyland, Talk, interact & play with Stitch Tomorrowland, Disney Resort

FROM:Stitch Encounter 太空幸会史迪奇 Shanghai Disneyland 上海迪士尼乐园


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