Shanghai Disneyland-Meet Mickey Tent 上海迪士尼樂園 – 米奇俱樂部

Get ready for your close-up! Visit an enchanted gallery exhibit before a face-to-face meeting with the world-famous Mickey Mouse!

為您的特寫做好準備! 在與舉世聞名的米老鼠面對面會面之前,參觀一個迷人的畫廊展覽!

Roll out the red carpet for a VIM—Very Important Mouse—Character Greeting experience you’ll never forget. Upon entering the gallery from Gardens of Imagination, view its vast collection of art featuring Mickey Mouse and company. Then watch the portraits magically come to life in a glorious wash of color and sound!

Step through the framed doorway to meet the legend himself and help finish his greatest “mouseterpiece”—a photo with you!

鋪開紅地毯,打造VIM(非常重要的鼠標)角色問候體驗,您將永遠不會忘記。 從“想像花園”進入畫廊後,欣賞米老鼠及其公司的大量藝術品。 然後觀看色彩鮮豔,聲音絢爛的神奇幻象,栩栩如生!

跨過裝裱的門口,親自遇到傳奇人物,並幫助完成他最偉大的“ mouseterpiece”(與您合影)!

FROM:Tour of Mickey Mouse’s Meet-and-Greet in Shanghai Disneyland _ China Travel Vlog 【奇想花园的米奇俱乐部 】


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