Shanghai Disneyland-Jet Packs 上海迪士尼樂園 – 噴氣背包

Power up, up and away with the wonder, freedom and exhilarating thrills of this futuristic flight!


Prepare for liftoff with jet-pack technology that lets you swoop and sweep high above the skies of Tomorrowland. If you’ve ever dreamed of flying solo, the future of transportation has arrived—this astro-adventure will leave you breathless!

Welcome to the Jet Packs Complex, a cutting edge, sci-fi-inspired world where people dance, float and sail through the air. Two at a time, fledgling sky pilots don rocket-powered backpacks connected to a giant orb via 16 mechanical arms.

Hold tight as you take off into a rapid series of hair-raising revolutions—hand-held controls help regulate the height. This centrally spinning sphere levitates riders several stories off the ground for a one-of-a-kind Rocketeer experience you won’t want to miss!

使用噴氣背包技術為升空做準備,讓您可以俯衝並在明天的天空上空掃高。 如果您曾經夢想過獨自飛行,那麼運輸的未來已經到來-這種天文冒險會讓您喘不過氣來!

歡迎來到Jet Packs綜合大樓,這是科幻風格的尖端世界,人們在空中跳舞,漂浮和航行。 一次,兩名剛起步的天空飛行員將由火箭驅動的背包通過16個機械臂連接到一個巨大的球體上。

緊緊抓住一系列快速進行的養髮革命-手持控件有助於調節身高。 這個中心旋轉的球體將車手們懸浮在地面上的幾個故事中,為您帶來不容錯過的Rocketeer獨一無二的體驗!

Walt Disney’s long affiliation with aviation dates back to the Astro Jets, a Disneyland attraction from 1956, now called Astro Orbitor. But it was his lasting fascination with science, innovation and the challenge of outer space that ultimately led to the creation of Tomorrowland and its “Atomic Age” adventures.

Thanks to the popularity of the original Astro Jets, fans have been flying high ever since. In 1971, a similar ride opened at Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World Resort as well as at Tokyo Disneyland in 1983.

Disneyland Paris features a redesigned version that opened in 1992 at “Discoveryland,” an updated iteration of Tomorrowland. Now, 60 years later, Walt’s hope and optimism for the future continues to be expressed in the Tomorrowland attractions at Disney theme parks around the world—including the all-new Jet Packs, making its out-of-this-otherworldly premiere at Shanghai Disneyland!

沃爾特·迪斯尼(Walt Disney)與航空的長期合作關係可以追溯到1956年迪斯尼樂園的景點-太空飛船(Astro Jets),現在稱為太空飛船(Astro Orbitor)。 但是,正是他對科學,創新和外層空間挑戰的持久迷戀最終導致了Tomorrowland的誕生及其“原子時代”的冒險。

自從最初的Astro Jets受歡迎以來,球迷一直飛奔而去。 1971年,類似的遊樂設施在沃爾特迪斯尼世界度假區的Magic Kingdom公園以及1983年在東京迪斯尼樂園開業。

巴黎迪士尼樂園具有重新設計的版本,該版本於1992年在“發現樂園”(Tomorrowland的更新版本)中開放。 60年後的今天,沃爾特對未來的希望和樂觀情緒繼續在世界迪斯尼主題公園的明日世界景點中表達,包括全新的噴氣背包,使其在上海迪斯尼樂園首屈一指 !

FROM:[4K] Jet Packs : Shanghai Disneyland

FROM:Jet Packs Full POV in Shanghai Disneyland’s Tomorrowland


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