Shanghai Disneyland-Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue 上海迪士尼樂園 – 巴斯光年星際營救

Blast away at Emperor Zurg’s abominable bot army in an all-out battle to save Planet Pepperonia!


Go from zero to Space Ranger hero—join Buzz on an interactive galactic adventure to stop Star Command’s most wanted!

Ready to wreak cosmic chaos, evil Emperor Zurg has returned to demolish the Space Aliens’ planet with a crystal-powered Superblaster. It’s up to you to infiltrate Zurg’s secret lair, neutralize his army of underlings and eliminate the weapon of “mass alien destruction” before it’s too late!


邪惡的祖格皇帝(Zurg Emperor)準備破壞宇宙的混亂,他已返回,用水晶驅動的超級衝擊波(Superblaster)摧毀外星人的星球。 由您決定滲透Zurg的秘密巢穴,中和他的下屬軍隊,並在為時已晚之前消除“大規模外星人破壞”的武器!

Take aim as your call of duty begins—the fate of the Space Aliens’ home is in your hands! After a briefing with Buzz, board your ship and head to Zurg’s hideout armed with red and green pulse blasters that’ll help block interstellar attacks along the way.

Once you spot the “Power Source Z’s” on Zurg’s guards, fire away to accumulate points for each target hit. The more points scored, the faster you rise through the ranks of Buzz’s elite squadron

From surviving fighter ships and a siege of Sentry Bots to maneuvering through a maze of corridors and unearthing the crystal mines, Buzz and his crew continue to converge on Zurg and ultimately destroy the Superblaster—mission accomplished!

使命召喚開始之際,瞄準目標-外星人家的命運就掌握在您手中! 向Buzz通報情況後,登上您的船,前往配備有紅色和綠色脈衝爆破裝置的Zurg藏身處,這將有助於阻止沿途的星際襲擊。

一旦您在Zurg的後衛身上發現了“動力源Z”,就開火為每個目標命中積累點數。 得分越高,您在Buzz精英中隊中的排名就越高


FROM:[4K] Full Shanghai Disneyland Buzz Lightyear Ride – Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue

FROM:[4K] Shanghai Disneyland Buzz Lightyear Interactive Ride


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