Italian architect Renzo Piano has completed his 565 Broome Soho – a New York condominium development comprising two identical glass towers.

意大利建築師倫佐·皮亞諾(Renzo Piano)已完成了他的565 Broome Soho,這是紐約公寓開發項目,其中包括兩個相同的玻璃塔。

Piano’s firm Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) has completed the 30-storey residential tower in Lower Manhattan, with interiors by Paris studio Rena Dumas Architecture Interieure (RDAI).

Called 565 Broome Soho, the project occupies a formerly vacant lot on the western edge of Soho – between Broome and Watts Street – and the border of TriBeCa.

皮亞諾(Piano)的事務所倫佐·皮亞諾(Renzo Piano)建築工作室(RPBW)已完成了曼哈頓下城30層高的住宅塔樓,其內飾由巴黎工作室瑞納·杜馬斯建築學院(RDAI)設計。

該項目名為565 Broome Soho,在Soho的西部邊緣(布魯姆與瓦茨街之間)與TriBeCa的邊界之間佔據了一塊空地。

It comprises 115 residences – ranging from studios to four-bedroom homes – across the two towers. Both are covered in glass with curved edges that offer views of the surroundings and ample natural light inside.

它包括橫跨兩座塔樓的115套住宅,從一室公寓到四居室住宅。 兩者都覆蓋有彎曲邊緣的玻璃,可以欣賞到周圍環境和內部充足的自然光線。

“For 565 Broome Soho, Renzo Piano set out to create a building that is shaped by light,” said the press statement.

“This vision led him to design conjoined glass structures with curved corners.”

新聞稿說:“倫佐·皮亞諾(Renzo Piano)為565布魯姆·蘇活(Brome Soho)著手建造一棟由燈光塑造的建築。”


The two structures are joined by a 10-storey podium at the base. The top level of the podium is occupied by a large penthouse unit, with a large private terrace and outdoor swimming pool on the roof.

這兩個結構由位於底部的10層裙樓相連。 登上領獎台的頂層是一個大型頂層公寓,屋頂上設有大型私人露台和室外游泳池。

A 92-foot-tall (28-metre-tall) lounge designed like a conservatory with plants on the walls and three black olive trees is located on the fifth storey.


In total, the amenities occupy 17,000 square feet (1,579 square metres) of 565 Broome Soho. They include a fitness centre, indoor saltwater pool, steam rooms, sauna, children’s playroom, lounge, common laundry room, bicycle storage and an outdoor terrace.

這些設施總共佔565 Broome Soho的17,000平方英尺(1,579平方米)。 它們包括健身中心,室內鹽水游泳池,蒸汽浴室,桑拿浴室,兒童遊戲室,休息室,公共洗衣房,自行車存放處和一個室外露台。

There is also a private gated driveway that leads to an automated parking system with parking spots and electric charging stations, located above ground level and encased in glass.

Units have 10-foot-high (three-metre-high) ceilings and neutral interiors by RDAI with white oak plank floors and white walls. Master bathrooms are clad in Calacatta Caldia marble walls and floors, with white oak vanities.


單位擁有10英尺高(三米高)的天花板,採用RDAI的中性室內設計,舖有白色橡木地板和白色牆壁。 主浴室覆蓋著Calacatta Caldia大理石牆壁和地板,並帶有白橡木洗手盆。

New York studio March & White has also designed a two-bedroom apartment with pale wood cabinets and furnishings in grey, navy, taupe and cream.


The complex has several recycling schemes for its residents, including composting bins and areas for recycling electronic waste and fabrics, and is expected to become one of the city’s Zero Waste Buildings.


Piano was enlisted to design 565 Broome Soho for real estate firms Bizzi & Partners Development, Aronov Development and Halpern Real Estate Ventures.

First unveiled in early 2016, it marks his first residential building in New York.

皮亞諾應邀為房地產公司Bizzi&Partners Development,Aronov Development和Halpern Real Estate Ventures設計565 Broome Soho。


The 82-year-old Italian architect, who was awarded the Pritzker Prize in 1998, has completed a number of other buildings in the Manhattan, including The Whitney Museum and The New York Times skyscraper.

He has also built three buildings at the city’s Columbia University – The Forum auditorium, a medical research centre and an arts and performance venue.

Photography is by Adrian Gaut courtesy of Edge Reps unless stated otherwise.



除非另有說明,否則攝影由Edge Reps提供,由Adrian Gaut提供。



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