Shanghai Disneyland-“Once Upon a Time” Adventure 上海迪士尼樂園-漫遊童話時光

Step through the Magic Mirror portal and enter an enchanted dimension of wonder: Snow White’s fairy-tale world.


Experience this classic tale like never before—as fun, adventure and excitement unfold all around you.

The Enchanted Storybook summons you. The Magic Mirror welcomes you. Now step inside Snow White’s world of fantasy to become part of a story others have only seen or read.

Marvel as a magical forest seems to grow around you. Talk and interact with animated creatures and help them tidy the Seven Dwarfs’ cottage. Wave goodbye as the Dwarfs head off to work. Confront the Evil Queen as she plots her wicked scheme.

While the action of the story plays out, you become part of the fun, villainy and romance. And when this exciting tale finally ends “happily ever after,” it’s sure to live on as an experience you’ll never forget!


魔法故事書召喚你。 魔鏡歡迎您。 現在,進入白雪公主的幻想世界,成為其他人僅看或讀的故事的一部分。

奇蹟般的魔法森林似乎在您周圍生長。 與動畫動物對話並互動,並幫助他們整理七個小矮人的小屋。 矮人開始工作時揮手告別。 在策劃邪惡的計劃時面對邪惡的女王。

當故事的情節播出時,您將成為樂趣,反派和浪漫的一部分。 當這個激動人心的故事終於“從此以後快樂”結束時,它一定會繼續存在,您將永遠不會忘記!

FROM:Shanghai Disneyland Once Upon A Time Adventure – Full Queue and Pre-show


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