Casa 14 by Alvano y Riquelme Architects

Alvano y Riquelme Architects has built an angular house on a clifftop in Chile’s wine region featuring an abundance of outdoor spaces that overlook vineyards.

Alvano y Riquelme Architects建築師在智利葡萄酒產區的懸崖頂上建造了一座棱角分明的房子,該房子擁有大量俯瞰葡萄園的室外空間。

Casa 14 is a one-bedroom home in the Valparaíso region of Chile designed by architects Renzo Alvano and Pablo Riquelme of Alvano y Riquelme Architects.

The house perches atop a hill and features expansive views of Chile’s wine region, Casablanca Valley.

Casa 14是智利瓦爾帕萊索地區的一臥室房屋,由Alvano y Riquelme Architects的建築師Renzo Alvano和Pablo Riquelme設計。


Alvano y Riquelme Architects designed the residence for “leisure, social life and contemplation”. “The landscape floods with views and acts as a backdrop for the different activities,” the studio added.

Alvano y Riquelme建築師為“休閒,社交生活和沈思”設計了住宅。 該工作室補充說:“風景充斥著景觀,並為各種活動提供了背景。”

Glass, concrete, wood and steel form the construction of the single-storey rectangular home. It is wrapped in glass and measures 20 square metres.

A feature of the design is its irregular shape created by black wooden beams and weathered pillars that form a geometric shell around the glass-and-concrete home.

玻璃,混凝土,木材和鋼鐵構成了單層矩形房屋的結構。 它用玻璃包裹,面積為20平方米。


The wooden structure is used to create coverings across the home’s outdoor walkways and patios. A triangular area culminates at one far end of the house with a pool, while the opposite is a viewing platform.

木結構用於在房屋的室外走道和露台上鋪上覆蓋物。 三角形的區域在房屋的另一端達到頂點,並帶有一個游泳池,而對面的則是觀景台。

“One of the premises when imagining the possible uses of the house was ‘more terraces than interiors’,” said Alvano y Riquelme Architects.

Alvano y Riquelme Architects表示:“在設想房屋可能用途的前提下,其中之一就是’梯田多於室內’。

“The house was designed as a small refuge surrounded by terraces and eaves, reinterpreting the tradition of the perimeter corridor of the Chilean country house,” the studio said.


Inside, the home has an open-plan layout with a central wall and fireplace that divides the bedroom from a living room, kitchen and dining space. Sliding glass walls provide access from the kitchen to the outdoor patio.

在內部,房屋採用開放式佈局,中央牆和壁爐將臥室與起居室,廚房和就餐空間分隔開。 滑動玻璃牆使您可以從廚房進入室外露台。

The patio features a covered dining area with concrete built-ins, including a barbecue area and a planter for a tree. These spaces are all “protected by an extensive gallery of wooden columns”.

Beyond, where the pool is located, is a more exposed area for swimming and sun bathing, complete with a wooden deck.

露台設有帶頂棚的用餐區,裡面裝有混凝土構件,包括燒烤區和樹木種植機。 這些空間都“由大量的木柱廊保護”。


Casa 14 is complete with a foyer, bathroom and storage room, housed in a portion that extends out in a T-shape.

Chilean interior decorator Ximena Tannenbaum was enlisted to oversee the interior design of the residence, which features wood-clad walls, floors and ceilings that extend outside.

Casa 14配有門廳,浴室和儲藏室,其一部分呈T形延伸。

智利室內裝飾設計師Ximena Tannenbaum受邀監督該住宅的室內設計,該住宅的特點是帶有木外牆,地板和天花板。

Tannenbaum’s choices are minimal and pared-back, including an L-shaped cream sofa that anchors the living room and pale grey cabinets in the living room.

A dining table has four grey metal stools and also serves as a worktop. In the bedroom are cream curtains that soften the surrounding glass walls.


一張餐桌有四個灰色金屬凳子,也可以用作工作台。 臥室裡有奶油色的窗簾,可以軟化周圍的玻璃牆。

Joining Casa 14 is a host of other houses in Chile’s Valparaíso region. Many are built close to the Pacific Ocean on stilts and clad in wood, including SAA’s linear Dock House, Casa Mujeres by Ignacio Correa and pine-clad holiday dwellings by Mobil Arquitectos.

Further inland and north in the Andes mountains is a black cabin built for a mountaineer.

加入Casa 14的還有智利瓦爾帕萊索地區的其他房屋。 許多房屋都建在靠近太平洋的高蹺上,並用木頭包裹,包括SAA的線性船塢房屋,Ignacio Correa的Casa Mujeres和Mobil Arquitectos的松木度假屋。



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