Shanghai Disneyland-Woody’s Roundup 上海迪士尼-胡迪嘉年華

Climb into an Old West cart and let your pony swing you ‘round during a hoof-tappin’ hoedown—at Disney·Pixar Toy Story Land.


Come along with Sheriff Woody and Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl for some musical fun at Woody’s Roundup. It’s a hoedown you’ll find at Disney·Pixar Toy Story Land!

Near the edge of the backyard, Andy’s set up one of his favorite playsets—a whimsical Western town and stable. But once his mom called him away, Woody and Jessie came to life… and wasted no time in letting all the toy ponies out to play.

After hitching the ponies to carts, the duo began welcoming Guests to take a tune-filled spin and “do-si-so” around the corral. And now, it’s your turn!

Just past an Old West wagon, you’ll journey down a desert pathway—passing a dried-out creek and crossing over bridges until you reach Woody’s Roundup. As you mosey inside, you’ll come upon kinds of Toy Story props and “Wanted” posters before reaching the pony pen.

Then, it’s time to dance! Pick your pony and board its cart as a nearby toy radio starts to play finger-snapping songs from “Woody’s Finest Musical Hour,” including the Toy Story classic “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”

Your hoof-tappin’ hoedown begins as the ponies enjoy a square dance, swinging their carts—with you inside—to the sound of downhome, country-flavored melodies. It’s just the sort of swingin’, swirlin’ experience that would inspire anyone to get out and dance… especially the ponies!



將小馬拴在馬車上後,二人組開始歡迎客人在畜欄周圍進行充滿旋律的旋轉和“ do-si-so”。現在,該您了!




FROM:*Just Opened* [4K] Woody’s Roundup: Shanghai Disneyland (China)


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