Shanghai Disneyland-Adventure Isle 上海迪士尼-冒險島

The history of Adventure Isle combines lore with Disney imagination and begins with the Arbori people, a civilization that thrived several thousand years ago. According to Disney legend, the island was discovered by a group of international explorers known as the League of Adventurers, and it’s brimming with mystery and lost treasure. Guests visiting Shanghai Disneyland will easily find this land by the sight of the towering “Roaring Mountain”—rumored to be the home of a mysterious reptilian—which regularly “roars” to life.

冒險島的歷史將傳說與迪斯尼的想像結合在一起,並始於Arbori人,這是幾千年前繁榮的文明。 根據迪士尼的傳說,這座島嶼是由一群被稱為冒險家聯盟的國際探險家發現的,島上洋溢著神秘和失落的寶藏。 參觀上海迪斯尼樂園的客人可以通過高聳的“咆哮山”輕鬆地找到這片土地,據傳這是一個神秘的爬蟲類動物的家園,它經常“轟鳴”生命。

The pinnacle attraction on Adventure Isle will be the white-knuckling adventure called Roaring Rapids—a thrilling E-ticket experience! On this exploration, guests will discover the secrets of the massive crocodile-like beast known as the Q’aráq. The rafting adventure will begin by joining the League of Adventurers and venturing upriver from Field Camp Beta before plunging through dark caverns, lava tubes, and whirlpools. This perilous adventure is perfect for the thrill-seeker in all of us.

While exploring Adventure Isle, guests will soon follow the trail to the Arbori tribe’s celestial observatory, which is said to be an enchanted portal that connects the physical and mythical worlds. Once inside, shamans will channel the spirit of the condor to help adventurers soar like a bird on an epic re-mastering of the iconic Soarin’ attraction, Soaring Over the Horizon. During the experience, guests will “fly” from Adventure Isle over Earth’s iconic landmarks, cities, and natural attractions.

Shanghai Disneyland will also be the first park to offer Camp Discovery, a place where adventurers of every age can traverse challenging rope courses, hike scenic trails, and dig to ancient relics. At Camp Discovery, guests will be able to choose from a variety of expeditions—some may opt for the thrilling natural wonders of Roaring Mountain while others may explore the ancient world of science and nature.

冒險島的頂峰景點將是名為Roaring Rapids的白大冒險-一種激動人心的電子機票體驗!在這次探索中,客人將發現被稱為Q’aráq的大型鱷魚狀野獸的秘密。漂流冒險將從加入冒險家聯盟開始,然後從Field Camp Beta冒險上游,然後再穿過黑暗的洞穴,熔岩管和漩渦池。這項冒險之旅非常適合我們所有人中尋求刺激的人。

在探索冒險島時,客人很快就會沿著步道到達Arbori部落的天文台,該天文台被認為是連接自然世界和神話世界的迷人門戶。進入內部後,薩滿祭司將引導神鷹的精神,幫助冒險家像鳥一樣在像徵性的Soarin吸引力的史詩級作品《 Soaring the Horizo​​n》中重新製作。在體驗期間,客人將從冒險島“飛過”地球的標誌性地標,城市和自然景點。

上海迪士尼樂園也將是第一個提供“發現之旅”的公園,在這裡,各個年齡段的冒險家都可以穿越具有挑戰性的繩索課程,遠足風景優美的小徑並挖掘古代遺跡。在探索營(Camp Discovery),遊客將可以從各種探險活動中進行選擇-有些人可能會選擇咆哮山(Roaring Mountain)令人興奮的自然奇觀,而其他人則可能會探索科學和自然的古老世界。

Disney is known for world-class entertainment and Tarzan: Call of the Jungle will be a brand-new production starring Tarzan and his friends! This live stage show is an enchanting retelling of the classic tale and features Phil Collins’ iconic score from the Disney feature film Tarzan. During the eye-popping musical, guests will experience a fusion of theatrics, Chinese acrobatics, and a rock concert, bringing “Two Worlds” to life.

After some exploration, adventurers will want to stop by Tribal Table, a festive, art-filled restaurant where everyone is invited to a feast! This ancient gathering house in the Arbori village is the native heart and soul of the land, celebrating the bounty and balance of nature. Guests will enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells, watching the action of live cooking with fiery woks and rotisseries.


經過一番探索之後,冒險家們將希望在Tribal Table停留,這是一家充滿藝術氣息的節日餐廳,邀請每個人參加盛宴!這座位於Arbori村的古老收集屋是該土地的本地心臟和靈魂,慶祝大自然的富饒與平衡。賓客將欣賞火光,鐵鍋和烤肉串的景象,聲音和氣味,觀看現場烹飪的動作。

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