Shanghai Disneyland-Soaring Over the Horizon 上海迪士尼樂園 – 翱翔地平線

Take off aboard an exhilarating flight where you can witness the wonders of the world as never before!


Summoning ancient primal powers, you’ll ascend on a magical journey for a breathtaking view of the planet.

Follow the trail to the Arbori tribe’s celestial observatory—said to be an enchanted portal connecting the physical and mystical worlds. Inside, shamans channel the spirit of the condor to help adventurers realize one of mankind’s most ancient and elusive dreams: to soar like a bird.

Gather before an enormous radiant black stone—through which visions are revealed—and prepare to be transported. On a hilltop high above Adventure Isle, you’re about to embark on the greatest adventure of all.


沿著步道到達Arbori部落的天文台,據說這是連接自然世界和神秘世界的迷人門戶。 在內部,薩滿祭司將禿鷹的精神傳達給冒險者,以幫助他們實現人類最古老,最難以捉摸的夢想之一:像鳥一樣飛翔。

在一塊巨大的輻射黑石頭前匯聚一堂,通過它可以看到異象,並準備運輸。 在冒險島上方的山頂上,您將踏上最偉大的冒險之路。

FROM:[5K 360] Disney Shanghai Soaring Over the Horizon – Full 360 POV

FROM:Soarin’ Over the Horizon ride_ Hang Gliding Attraction – Shanghai Disneyland 60fps Full Ride Through

FROM:Soaring Over The Horizon On Ride POV – Shanghai Disneyland


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