Shanghai Disneyland-Slinky Dog Spin 上海迪士尼樂園 – 彈簧狗團團轉

Ride inside Slinky Dog’s springy spirals as he chases his tail round-and-round a giant dog dish at Disney·Pixar Toy Story Land.

在迪斯尼·皮克斯玩具總動員樂園,他在Slinky Dog的彈簧螺旋中盤旋著,追逐著他的尾巴,繞著一個巨大的狗食盤。

Spin about on a zany adventure as you come face-to-snout with the springy mutt from the Toy Story films!

Here in Disney·Pixar Toy Story Land, Andy’s brought some of his favorite toys into the backyard to play—and one of the toys he likes to play with most is Slinky Dog, the classic pull toy that features a Slinky®-spring for a body.

Since Andy’s been away all day, Slinky’s been amusing the other toys by chasing his tail around a gigantic dog bowl, filled to the brim with colorful toy bones… and now, it’s your turn to spring into action!

After winding your way through a structure built out of Lincoln Logs, dominos, playing cards, and even Slinky’s original cardboard box and game board, you’ll soon find yourself taking a seat inside the loveable canine’s springy spirals.

Hold on tight—the fun run is about to begin!

Feel the wind race across your face during a tail-wagging chase as you scamper up and glide down, again and again. You’ll be howling with laughter as Slinky picks up speed throughout your rollicking, ring-shaped ride.

Be sure to soak up the sights and sounds of Disney·Pixar Toy Story Land too as they zoom by all around you!


在迪斯尼·皮克斯的玩具總動員樂園,安迪將一些他最喜歡的玩具帶到後院玩耍,而他最喜歡玩的玩具之一是經典的拉動玩具Slinky Dog,它帶有Slinky®彈簧,可用於身體。






FROM:*Just Opened* [4K] Slinky Dog Spin: Shanghai, Disneyland (China)

FROM:Shanghai Disneyland_ Toy Story Land – Slinky Dog Spin (POV Clip)

FROM:Shanghai Disneyland_ Toy Story Land – Slinky Dog Spin


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