Shanghai Disneyland-Rex’s Racer 上海迪士尼樂園 – 雷克斯的賽車手

Join dinosaurs Rex & Trixie for towering thrills as you zip back-and-forth on an exhilarating adventure in Disney·Pixar Toy Story Land.


Rex has got his tiny claws on RC Racer’s remote control—and he’s ready to take you on one wild ride!

When Andy’s away, the toys will play. Luckily, he set up his orange Hot Wheels set in his backyard just before he left… and no one loves playing with it more than Rex, the insecure Tyrannosaurus Rex from the Toy Story films.

With the help of his Triceratops friend Trixie, Rex is inviting Guests like you to race day! After winding your way through a series of toy garages and race-pit buildings, find yourself a seat inside RC. Then, hold on tight as RC begins zooming forward and backward, seemingly breaking the laws of gravity while taking you higher and higher on the U-shaped track.

Rest assured, Rex’s Racer is the most visible attraction in Disney·Pixar Toy Story Land—with a towering half-pipe that can be seen from nearly anywhere you stand. Don’t miss your chance to cross the finish line!

雷克斯(Rex)的爪子在RC Racer的遙控器上,他隨時準備帶您上路!

當安迪離開時,這些玩具會玩。 幸運的是,他在離開家之前就在後院安裝了橙色的風火輪……沒有人比Rex(玩具總動員電影中不安全的霸王龍)更喜歡玩它。

在他的三角恐龍朋友Trixie的幫助下,Rex邀請像您一樣的客人參加比賽! 繞過一系列玩具車庫和競賽場館建築物後,在RC內部找到一個座位。 然後,在RC開始向前和向後放大時保持緊繃,似乎打破了重力定律,同時使您在U形軌道上越來越高。

放心,雷克斯的賽車手是迪士尼·皮克斯玩具總動員樂園中最引人注目的景點-高聳的半煙斗幾乎可以從您站立的任何地方看到。 不要錯過穿越終點線的機會!

FROM:*Just Opened* [4K] Rex’s Racer: Shanghai Disneyland (China)

FROM:Rex’s Racer Front Seat Onride Go Pro 1080P POV Shanghai Disneyland


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