Swiss art curator Klaus Littmann has planted 300 trees in a football stadium in Austria as a “memorial” to the environment in the anthropocene era.

For Forest is replica of a European forest that has been transported to Wörthersee Stadion in Klagenfurt, where visitors can enjoy the spectacle of the leaves changing and falling during autumn.

The installation is Littmann’s realisation of a dystopian vision of artist Max Peintner, who imagined a world where trees would only exist like species of animals in a zoo.

瑞士藝術策展人克勞斯·利特曼(Klaus Littmann)在奧地利的一個足球場種植了300棵樹,作為人類世紀環境的“紀念”。


裝置是Littmann對藝術家Max Peintner的反烏托邦視覺的認識,他想像一個樹木只會像動物園中的動物物種一樣存在的世界。

“For Forest is very timely as it coincides with growing global discussions and activism linked to deforestation and climate change,” Littmann told Dezeen.

“Peintner drew The Unending Attraction of Nature in 1971. At the time, there was only little discussion about climate change and deforestation. I discovered the drawing in the 80s at an art exhibition,” said Littmann.

“It took me nearly 30 years to realise this project but never has the timing of one of my projects been so spot on.”




Trees are one of the defining symbols of the anthropocene era – the period where human activity is the biggest impact on the environment. Deforestation – whether to clear land for agriculture or industry or as the result of out of control wildfires such as those currently burning in the Amazon – is a key factor in the emergence of the anthropocene era.

樹木是人類世紀時代的決定性象徵之一 – 人類活動是對環境影響最大的時期。 砍伐森林 – 無論是為了農業還是工業而清除土地,還是由於失控的野火,例如目前在亞馬遜地區燃燒的野火,都是人類世時代出現的關鍵因素。

A single Sitka spruce tree on Cambell Island in the Southern Ocean is regarded by scientists as the marker of the anthropocene’s start.

Dubbed the world’s loneliest tree, the tree’s rings record the radiocarbon of above ground atomic bomb tests. The peak in 1965 is seen as the official start of the era of human impact dominating the environment.


這棵樹的圓環被稱為世界上最孤獨的樹,記錄著地上原子彈試驗的放射性碳。 1965年的高峰被視為人類影響主導環境的時代的官方開端。

At For Forest, Littmann said he wants each visitor’s experience of the stadium of trees to be personal. The trees are open to be interpreted as an artistic sculpture, or a philosophical symbol of life.

“With the discussions going on now, people can also see it as a memorial meant to bring people together to think about their environment and protect it.”

在For Forest,Littmann說他希望每位遊客對樹木體育場的體驗都是個性化的。 樹木是開放的,可以被解釋為藝術雕塑,或生命的哲學象徵。


Putting trees in an unorthodox situation is intended as a challenge viewers perception. “People will not see trees or forests in the same way again,” he said.

Planting 300 mature trees in a short window of time was a big undertaking. “The most challenging part of the project was its complexity,” said Littmann. “The timing for setting up the temporary art intervention was crucial. We only had three weeks to set everything up.”

將樹木置於非正統的狀態意味著挑戰觀眾的看法。 “人們不會再以同樣的方式看到樹木或森林,”他說。

在短時間內種植300棵成熟樹木是一項艱鉅的任務。 “該項目最具挑戰性的部分是其複雜性,”利特曼說。 “設立臨時藝術干預的時機至關重要。我們只有三週的時間來完成所有工作。”

No animals or insect life will be added to the installation, but Littman said that he hopes “animals will find their way into the forest” during the time the artwork is in place.

For Forest will be open for viewing until 27 October, with floodlights turned on to light the trees after dark.



After the installation closes, the trees will be re-planted on a plot the same size close to the stadium, where they can develop. A wooden pavilion will be built alongside them to act as a education hub for future visitors and students.

“This way, the stadium forest will remain in memory as a forest sculpture,” said Littman.

Several recent exhibitions and art shows are engaging with the themes of the anthropocene and climate change. British artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg’s show at the Vitra Design Museum includes a new branch for the tree of life made from manmade organisms.

安裝完成後,樹木將重新種植在靠近體育場的相同大小的地塊上,並在那裡開發。 將與他們一起建造一個木製涼亭,作為未來游客和學生的教育中心。


最近的幾個展覽和藝術展正在討論人類世和氣候變化的主題。 英國藝術家亞歷山德拉·戴西·金斯伯格(Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg)在維特拉設計博物館(Vitra Design Museum)的展覽包括一個由人造生物製成的生命樹的新分支。



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